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Friday, December 23, 2016

Drop dead, gorgeous: Local cosmetics that can kill

Local beauty products contain known poisons and toxins but these are not listed on the labels to hoodwink the health ministry, says a newspaper expose.
PETALING JAYA: A number of local original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the beauty industry have been exposed as brewers of “lethal concoctions” containing arsenic, cadmium, chromium and mercury.
A report published on NST Online claimed the OEMs and the sellers were knowingly selling products that contained these poisons.
They omit stating these banned ingredients in their labels to escape health ministry scrutiny.
Most of these products are sold online, especially on social media.
The NST writers engaged several popular OEMs, including those sought after for their injectable concoctions.
Posing as a would-be cosmetics entrepreneur looking to produce a skin-whitening cream, a reporter was told by an OEM that he could put anything he liked in it, even mercury.
The reporter was advised that certain ingredients should not appear on the label to avoid problems with the health ministry.
The OEM also offered to “handle” the health ministry for a fee and a minimum order.
Under the law, the party which signs the health ministry’s notification is held accountable for the product.
The seller whose product formula is found to differ from the ingredients declared in the product information file will usually blame the OEM. The seller is, however, required to recall the product within 72 hours.
The report said the OEMs and the sellers were willing to accept the losses if this happened as they could still make profits. -FMT

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