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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Eagle High Scandal : Rakyat Malaysia Juga Tanggung Bayar RM2.3 BILLION Kepada Peter Sondhak. Melayu Juga Miskin Dulu.

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Here is a comment from the previous post.Anonymous 
 Anonymous said...

Nazir Razak kata harga purata saham Eagle High bulan Nov 2016: 212 rupiah.

Tetapi Felda beli dgn harga 580 rupiah seunit.   Peningkatan bersih 173%.

Harga belian keseluruhan sepatut RM826 juta jadi RM2.26 billion !!

Perbezaan sebanyak RM1.43 billion tuu.!!!

Kalau ya pun nak Komisyen, patut2lah. Milik siapa kah dapat RM1.43b ini ???

KL (Dec 23): Nazir Razak, chairman CIMB questioned Felda's acquisition of 37% stake in Eagle High for US$505.4 million (RM2.26 billion).

Felda buying 37% of Eagle High for US$505m or 580 rupiah per share. 

Eagle High's average price Nov was 212 rupiah / share, 173% premium for non-control stake.

Nazir’s followers wrote, "Pity settlers. Felda no longer looking after poor but serve elites."

Monday, December 26, 2016 7:48:00 AM

My comments : I got the following from The Edge 19 - 25 December 2016. 

In December last year (2015) Eagle High shares were trading at 450 Rupiah. One year later the shares dropped to 250 Rupiah. Nazir Razak says the share price went down even further to 212 Rupiah in November.

FELDA is paying 580 Rupiah per share !! Over 170% premium ABOVE market price !!

FELDA has given some really stupid 'kami tak tahu niaga' type reply  that they are looking at enterprise value of US16,000 per hectare.

Kekawan FELDA, why are you all so stupid? How many other offers does Peter Sondhak have for this Eagle High?  Is there a long queue of buyers waiting to grab 37% of Eagle High? There are no other offers. 

This deal is now 18 months old, since June 2015.

When was Eagle High established? 1948? 1960? 1988? 

Eagle High was formed in September 2014 - after MO1 had met Peter Sondhak. 

About nine months AFTER Eagle High was set up, Felda began talking about buying Eagle High.

Dont you smell a rat here?

Now here is the real 'keparat GLC tak tahu niaga' equation.

At 250 Rupiah per share, the ENTIRE listed shares of Eagle High are worth only about US$600 million.

Pasai apa hangpa punya bodoh setuju bayaq US505 Million nak beli 37% sahaja saham Eagle High bila 100% saham Eagle High nilainya US$600 million sahaja?

That means, kalau hangpa tambah sikit lagi US95 million boleh dapat baki 63% saham Eagle High. 

But you are getting only 37% stake but at US$505 million !!

Dan ini soalan cepu mas ok : Dari mana FELDA nak cari duit untuk bayar Peter Sondhak duit besaq US$505 Juta? 

Jawapannya : Daripada tuan-tuan sekalian ! ! Jeng Jeng Jeng.

Here is The Edge :  "planned to issue government-backed debt paper worth about US$450 million (RM1.81 Billion) to facilitate the acquisition of the 37% stake.."

Maksudnya Felda akan keluarkan bond pinjaman duit yang akan dijamin oleh Kerajaan  Malaysia. 

Dan siapa pula akan jadi 'pembeli' bond itu?  EPF, KWP, PNB, ASB, Tabung Haji, LTAT ?  Bukan begitu ?

Tuan-tuan siapa miskin dulu? 
Fikir baik-baik. 
Siapa miskin dulu?

Buruh Bangla? 
Security guard Nepal? 
Pekerja Myanmar? 
Pati Indon? 
Cina MCA? 
Cina DAP?  Bukan. 
Mamak Nasi Kandar 24 jam?

Depa semua ok.

Yang miskin dulu orang Melayu. 

Bila Kerajaan tak ada duit, maksudnya:

Peneroka Felda tak ada duit.
Mara tak ada duit.
JPA tak bagi biasiswa.
Mara tak bagi pinjaman.
Hospital tak ada ubat. 
Kerajaan tak ambil pekerja.

Melayu miskin dulu.

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