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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hadi can’t fight graft and work with kleptocrats at the same time

YOURSAY | ‘To me, at this point in time, the opposition is toast…’
Quigonbond: If PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is really serious in fighting corruption, he wouldn't have rallied with MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) and give "advice" to Umno.
Umno's objective is insidious as it is clever. They are basically stringing PAS along for the ride over the ‘hudud bill’. The end result is there will be three-cornered fights with BN being the default winner. I'm sure Hadi can see it.
So, this is the question - if he is gunning for a three-party fight over some constituencies, is he playing the spoiler for BN? In my mind, there's no doubt about it.
To me, at this point in time, the opposition is toast, unless they stop dreaming and force Umno's hand and decimate all other BN component parties.
They should end ties with PAS so that they may still have some time to educate the masses about the change of political alignment.
Anonymous 8231440077354: First, let us understand what corruption is. If there is something called “me” and there is something called “you,” corruption has started because what is “me” is more important than what is “you”.
Once “me” comes, “what is mine” and “what is not mine” will come. Once “this is mine” and “this is not mine” come, corruption is deepened.
If you get very attached to “what is mine” and “what is not mine”, then it becomes well-established. And it goes on. Hadi, getting attached with Najib means you are corrupted leader.
Multi Racial: Hadi is a hypocrite. Perhaps in era where there is no internet and mobile technology, he may get away with it.
He supported Najib and Umno. Not just that, he rallied PAS members to work with Umno and Najib. On top of that, he boycotted Bersih.
If PAS is to survive, they have to get rid of Hadi. If any Malaysians who had voted for PAS before, do so again, they have nobody to blame except themselves.
Of course, when it comes to BN, it’s time for them to be voted out of power for the good of the nation, and also good for BN itself.
BN will only reform itself if it fails, and only then we will see a replacement of all those corrupted, racist and ineffective leaders.
Worldly Wise: Yes, Hadi is a hypocrite. If he opposes Umno, he should join DAP. DAP stands for social justice.
DAP does not support Hadi in his campaign to impose ritualism. Hadi supports reactionary Islam. He supports severe punishments for breaches of ritualism.
Hadi wants women to cover their bodies. Hadi supports laws directed against women. Hadi supports polygamy. Hadi supports women getting maintenance only for 60 days when men divorce them.
Hadi supports women's evidence being given half weight. Hadi is living in 600AD.
Hadi has not specifically condemned the expulsion of former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail. Hadi has not condemned money not accounted for in 1MDB.
Odin Tajué: Hadi, you have obviously forgotten. You are not lying to your constituents in the backwater where you hold sway. You are trying to do that to the informed.
You and your party have definitely not been fighting for justice for all races, and combatting corruption, abuse of power and misappropriation in the BN government through any approach, at all.
Anonymous 1689721435778173: "PAS will continue its fight for justice for all races..." said Hadi.
Hadi, do you think anyone will believe you after all the racist statements you have made against the Chinese when attacking DAP?
Your conduct after GE13 shows you to be someone sneaky, dangerous, treacherous and willing to work with the devil just to get the hudud law passed. Shame on you!
Mushiro: PAS is talking in riddles when Hadi said it will continue its fight for justice for all races, combat corruption, abuse of power and misappropriation within the BN government.
How will PAS combat corruption in BN when PAS has not said a word against the mega corruption that has affected the ringgit very badly?
Drngsc: It’s okay, Hadi. Please do not feel bad. We won't. Nobody trust you anyway.
Much as we wish to see straight fights, but working with you is even worse than three-cornered fights. So please go ahead and do what you wish.
It looks like GE14 will see the mother of all election fights. We have to save Malaysia by changing the government at Putrajaya and also getting rid of the PAS pest.
Demi Rakyat: Hadi continues to support Najib, the man who received billions of ringgit in his private and personal account which were laundered, stolen from the rakyat and he talks about fighting BN corruption?
Just a Malaysian: Such stupidity from a leader who could be second choice as PM. Hadi wants both - to be seen as an anti-corruption leader and to enjoy the spill over from Umno' gravy train.
He is a disgrace to his religion.
Anonymous #44199885: I, and millions of Malaysians, are so convinced by this man's sincerity.
This man who treats his former colleagues like dirt, who is more keen on inflicting pain and humiliation on sinners rather than teach them the true path, who fervently collaborates with an alleged kleptocrat, who believes that religion and God's purpose is served by supporting a regime that abuses its powers and caused systemic failure of our institutions, has a strong disconnect with the feelings of the rakyat and seemingly oblivious to it.

Pa·tri·ot·ic: Hadi lost Terengganu in 2004 election while he is the menteri besar because of his persistence to implement syariah. And again, he lost Kedah in 2013, from the same reasons.
In 2017/18, he is going to lost Kelantan, the stronghold of PAS.- Mkini

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