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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hadi defends 'misunderstood' Iran

Like thieves who cry "thief!" in the middle of the night to confuse those in pursuit so they can escape, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang hinted that those who are accusing Iran of having less than honourable motivation for its involvement in Syria to be just as deceptive.
He opined that the Syiah dominated state does not seem to pose a threat to the Sunnis.
"As far as I know, Iran did not say that it wants to export its Syiah Islamic Revolution. Iran only wants to invite neighbouring Arab states to unite against Israel and free themselves from foreign powers," he said in a statement.
Hadi argued, that despite concurrently existing for hundreds of years, the Syiah school of thought never eclipsed the rise of Sunni Islam.
He also noted that while the difference between the two groups of Muslims were at once almost academic, it has been fanned like flames that threatened to devour the faith and its adherents, pitting one group against the other as if they are from different religions.
The PAS president related that Iran and Syria are also the only two Middle East countries to have openly supported the fight to free Palestine from Israeli occupation.
And Syria is now beset by attackers he claimed are instigated by the West, colluding Arab states, and the Zionist regime.
Iran, argued Hadi, just wants to help Syria free itself.
He reminded all of the fate of the once Muslim enclave in Europe, Andalusia in the South of Spain.
Its capitulation to the Christian attackers was put off by at least two decades because the local rulers asked help from Morocco, though they were loathe to do so at first, worried that Morocco's King Ibnu Abbad will use his armies to conquer their weakened states instead.
That is until one of them said to the other: "I would rather be the shepherd to King Ibnu Abbad's camels and goats than be herdsman to the attacking Christian king's pigs."
Hadi's argument is that spurning Iran's involvement may also mean, that the fall of the Islamic government of Syria to the enemy would follow.
The PAS president also added that sometimes when Muslims are too weak to do anything, God will send others to face off against the cruel enemies.
He hinted that Russia's entry into the political and military equation in Syria may be the divine intervention which has created an impasse for the forces sponsored by the Zionists and the West, giving the beleaguered Syria some breathing room.
Though he noted once again, just like Palestine, none of the so called Islamic countries came to help Syria in this respite, except for Iran.

Hadi explained that PAS has been consistent in its opposition to any foreign intervention in the Middle East, giving as examples how it was against Saddam Hussein's attack on Iran at the West's behest, as well as the Arab's states invitation for the West to later attack Saddam's Iraq.
"This is because we study international politics and not only read religious books and social media postings in a cramped room," he said.
Earlier, the International Union of Islamic Scholars criticised Hadi for attending an international conference in Tehran last Saturday, where Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khameinei delivered the closing speech.- Mkini

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