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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

If Vision 2020 can be postponed, so can TNB's Selangor repairs

YOURSAY | 'TNB only needed 16 hours, but supply is disrupted beyond that. Who is the devil here?'
Babylon: This is a time when many families meet up for the holidays, irrespective of whether they are Christians or not, and you choose to have water disruptions?
Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) is totally incompetent in planning. The rich can buy water, but what about the poor? Water is a basic necessity and you cannot even ensure its supply. Developed status?
DVD: TNB chief corporate officer Roslan Ab Rahman said the remedial works by TNB "would only take about 16 hours beginning 8am on Dec 19". So, the authorities should explain why water supply would be disrupted until Christmas Eve.
Let me get this straight. TNB only need 16 hours, but supply is disrupted beyond that. Who is the devil here? Is it Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali?
Drngsc: It looks like there is bad faith here. How come you can postpone the maintenance works just once, and all the way until Christmas?
Was it a plan to punish Selangorians for electing the opposition? We will record and remember how you try and make life difficult for us. We will make sure that you never regain Selangor.
Anonymous #44199885: If TNB will finish its work by midnight of the 19th, why is there a massive disruption in water supply till Christmas?
Span and the federal government should explain, as they were the ones responsible in outsourcing our water supply. Disruption is unacceptable for a country intending to reach developed country status. In fact, this episode is downright shameful.
If the BN government does not know how to manage our economy and infrastructure, just ask Singapore, which is far more effective and efficient, to teach you.
ABC123: Water disruption and power cuts are a fixture of Malaysian life, so common that no one questions these any more.
After 60 years of rule, we are still struggling to provide basic amenities like water and electricity on a steady basis. It is really embarrassing and shameful. This is the result of incompetence and corruption.
Anonymous #69337042: We have already given them almost 60 years to rule the country, yet they still can't even manage a simple problem like regular water supply.
What are you, the voters, waiting for? Are the people so stupid to continue suffering after the next GE by voting them in again?
Cocomomo: This shows the incompetence in the management of the country. The federal government has to bear responsibility for such incompetence - after all, TNB is a GLC (government-linked company).
The votes in Kuala Lumpur may not matter to the BN government as most of KL has traditionally voted for the opposition - so is this just punishment?
Hopefully the other voters in KL will send a clear message on how they feel about such incompetence in the next GE. Can we all not work together for a better Malaysia, free of corruption?
The Analyser: This reads like another case of the total inability of Malaysians to cooperate and plan ahead.
It's no wonder there will never be any consensus in opposition politics. When Malaysians cannot even cooperate on technical matters, they will never cooperate on philosophical matters.
Anonymous_40f4: The cruel and cunning federal regime wants to punish the people of Selangor for voting the opposition and to make them angry with the Pakatan Harapan state government.
Previously they used to shut off treatment plants, but since the takeover of Syabas by the Selangor government, is the regime now 'using' TNB to do the 'dirty work'?
DMY: Azmin, you are talking to the educated masses. So, please give an intelligent explanation as to how a 16-hour maintenance by Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) can translate into a six-day water disruption.
Were not the technical issues already discussed and contingencies planned for in September? Your words simply exhibit the failure to plan by your office, TNB and the National Water Services Commission (Span).
Che: Azmin said, "The state would explore ways. We will discuss with TNB today."
I am so disappointed. These are mere statements of intent to do what you should have done much earlier. Surely you must be aware of the likely problems and the furore of complaints way before this rationing was implemented?
Please don't be like another typical Umno politician.
FellowMalaysian: Postponing the disruption of water supply as a result of TNB's maintenance works from September to December has just acerbated the effects of hardship, inconvenience and loss of income to the public and businesses as December falls within school holidays and major festival celebrations.
Why are the standby generators, which are supposed to ensure operation at full capacity, not resorted to? It looks like Azmin Ali is just another pro-tem MB, good at only deflecting blame and useless in accepting responsibility.
Anonymous #33227154: TNB must inform the people the specific issues involved, not just "masalah teknikal" (technical problems), and the specific repairs, and at which locations (show us the repair plans), so that the people who have the technical knowledge can study and verify whether what TNB says is true.
I am suspicious that this is an "arahan dari atas" (instructions from the top) for political purposes. I hope I am wrong.
Anonymous_3f6d: Why not do the work last week? Why this week, when it is so close to Christmas?
Baldev Singh: Why are mobile generators not brought in to ensure adequate electricity to keep water supply normal?
It appears the business recovery plan is inadequate and we can expect water shortages if the TNB plant goes down for one reason or the other.

Carlim: It is still four more years until 2020 (when we are supposed to be a developed nation; I guess it is now postponed, too), and we are seeing all these nonsense.- Mkini

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