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Saturday, December 24, 2016

It pours every day, yet dry taps for millions

YOURSAY | ‘What was the state gov’t's specific role in this epic failure to safeguard the interests of ratepayers?’
Hagar: For a developing country and trying to be a developed one, I can’t understand why we are still in this situation.
Firstly, why you need to have water cuts for five days for a TNB station maintenance. Secondly, why is it only one TNB station supply power to three water treatment plants.
Thirdly, why there is no back-up power to keep these treatment plants in operation at least at half capacity instead of a complete shutdown.
Why is it that we never learn to plan?
Abasir: Does anyone really believe the Pakatan state government was a totally helpless bystander in this man-made crisis affecting millions of ratepayers?
Will Pakatan MPs and Aduns (state representatives) call for the immediate release all the minutes of meetings that led to this callous decision? Or is there much to hide?
The questions I want answers to are these: Why hasn't even one of the Pakatan MPs/Aduns come up with even a hint as to why, when, how and on whose instruction this crisis was allowed to unfold as it did?
What was the state government's specific role in this epic failure to safeguard the interests of ratepayers?
Why is the menteri besar only now "exploring ways" to mitigate the pain? What was he doing when the plan was first hatched? Why weren't ratepayers warned much earlier about what was to happen a week before Christmas?
Were all the Pakatan Aduns helplessly standing by as the decision was made in secret; did they protest or were they in cahoots with the puppet masters?
Why is no one in the state government screaming "competency, accountability and transparency"?
Anonymous #33227154: It's such a strange coincidence again that water disruptions tend to happen during festive seasons, like Chinese New Year, Deepavali and now the Chinese Winter Solstice and Christmas.
What is Syabas up to? A thorough investigation is necessary before we start pushing the blame onto the Selangor government. Are there other sinister forces involved? Let the evidence be exposed.
Anonymous_40f4: In UK, the US, Europe, there will always be water even if you don’t pay your water bill. They won’t disconnect water because water is an essential resource created by God and it’s every person’s right to water.
In greedy and corrupt Malaysia, even water is privatised to cronies to make money. What a shame.
Anonymous_3f6d: Let us all delay our payment to TNB and Syabas as long as we can… let them face cash flow issue when our tap water is not flowing.
Anonymous #69337042: We can keep on dreaming to achieve the developed state status when the civil servants are underworked but overpaid, when abuse of power for amassing immense wealth by top government officials and corruption is rampant.
Just imagine, they cannot even ensure regular water supply but choose to impose water disruption at the wrong time. Many people are also asking why it rains everyday but the tap is dry for days.
Anonymous #03815719: After the hue and cry by the Selongarians, TNB completed the repair job in 16 hours.
Clearly, there is a hidden hand to disrupt the water supply. The people must voice out strongly, don't allow any politician to hold the people at ransom.
Headhunter: At the rate Malaysians work, it is not surprising that a 16-hour repair job is going to take at least six days at the least.
A visit to any government department serving the public will tell you why. Our country is probably the only one where an employee takes a coffee break before he or she starts work.
Poor: Another water disruption pre-Chinese New Year? Hope I’m wrong.
Baiyuensheng: How is it possible as the most advanced state in Malaysia to suffer a water cut? It is just so ridiculous.
Singapore last year faced their worst dry spell and water volume down from Johor Bahru but yet their citizens do not suffer this fate. Do they know how to govern a modern state with modern needs?
P Dev Anand Pillai: Malay politics has now become very dramatic and real with politicians donning all sorts of costumes and garbs to make a point.
Very nice, it will earn Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos some brownie points which he can use to his advantage in the future.
After all, isn't that what Umno politics is all about? Drama, lies and side shows.
CQ Muar: How Umno can have such a division chief is a world wonder.
Anonymous #44199885: Jamal is a disgrace to Umno. To think that Umno was a party and the origins of the nation's founding fathers. His actions these past days and months are nothing but that of a bully and a coward.
To have 30 men assault a woman shows just how low Umno can go. Shameful. Disgraceful. And this is the party that PAS wants to work with.
Versey: Shockingly rude, crude, uncouth, disgusting and contemptible behaviour to treat a female, regardless if she were from opposition parties, to such downright uncivilised and appalling barbaric means, and on top of that, she is doing a good deed to deliver water to him "following his complaint about not being able to bathe for days due to the water disruption in Selangor."

Such behaviour conforming to what kind of culture or upbringing?
Tholu: What do you expect from a "man" who couldn't even take one sneaky punch on his face and started crying barefacedly.
Yes, he is indeed a coward despite his show of bravery on the facade.- Mkini

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