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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Jamal unamused at Ratu Naga’s ‘lame attempt’ to ease water woes

ratu-najea_cat_600© Provided by MToday News Sdn Bhd ratu-najea_cat_600
PETALING JAYA: Red Shirts movement leader Jamal Yunos is not amused at blogger Syarul Ema’s attempts to ease his water woes.
This was evident when Syarul Ema, better known as Ratu Naga, was left standing alone defending herself against a bombardment of eggs, flour and drain water thrown from 31 Red Shirt members, including Jamal himself, outside his residence in Ampang.
Speaking to FMT, Jamal said he had received news that Ratu Naga was coming to his house at 6.30am, which is when he informed his neighbours that someone was coming to give them water as part of a “publicity stunt”.
“After my morning prayers, I got a message from someone that this kid (Ratu Naga) was inviting the media to come and she’d bring me water,” said Jamal.
“We’ve gone without water and no tankers for five days now and so I thought she was coming with a huge water tanker. She would have been most welcome if she had done so.
ratu21© Provided by MToday News Sdn Bhd ratu21
“However, when she got here, all she brought was a bottle of water. We took that as a personal insult.
“That’s when we got angry and attacked her.”
Jamal said his neighbours’ anger was well justified as Ratu Naga was making light of such an important commodity and their dire situation.
“Doesn’t she know how hard life is without water? We can’t cook, can’t bathe, and we can’t even relieve ourselves properly.
“Do not make fun of us for not having any water.”
It had been reported earlier that Ratu Naga had come alone but Jamal denied this, saying she came with several PKR members in five to six vehicles.
“She and her friends in blue shirts (PKR’s colours) provoked us.
“On top of that, she wanted to enter my house and that I will not allow.
ratu211© Provided by MToday News Sdn Bhd ratu211
“My house is my own private place and I have the right to refuse her entry.”
Pertubuhan Sinar Ehsan chairman, known only as Pak Anjang, said Ratu Naga and her husband were representing the NGO.
He said he had accompanied the couple together with four other NGO members to Jamal’s house.
“We only came to give buckets of water we had in one of the vehicles to Jamal after hearing that he had gone four days without taking a shower,” he told FMT.
He explained that when they got to Jamal’s house, there were a lot of people waiting and Ratu Naga had got down alone. That’s when she was suddenly attacked.
“She called out to us to leave as they were also throwing eggs, flour and drain water onto the Toyota Hilux we came in.”
Yesterday, Jamal had walked to the Selangor state secretariat building in nothing but a towel and carrying toiletries as he demanded the security guards open the gates so he could have a shower.
He was protesting the massive water cuts in the Klang Valley over the past week.

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