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Friday, December 23, 2016

Jamal Yunos tips off police about gambling joint

He says he had to resort to police help after the Sabak Bernam district council refused to act.
PETALING JAYA: Red Shirts movement leader Jamal Yunos is apparently putting pressure on the Sabak Bernam district council (MDSB) to act against enterprises operating without a licence.
Just a day after his hotel-resort was sealed by the council for operating without a licence, he and his supporters “raided” a gaming outlet he claimed was operating illegally in the district today.
Jamal, sent photographs of the purported gaming centre in Sekinchan to the media today, claiming that there were at least nine similar shops operating in Sabak Bernam, NST Online reported.
He said the shop was raided by a team of policemen at 7pm, several hours after the group lodged their complaint.
“I would like to congratulate the police for their swift action in raiding this shop and seizing the gaming machines.
“We had also complained about the matter to the MDSB, but were not entertained.
“I hope that in their enforcement efforts, where they had closed down my resort, the council will be fair by taking the same action against all businesses that have been operating illegally.”
Sabak Bernam police chief Supt Nor Azmi Isa confirmed that police had raided the family entertainment centre.
He said the outlet had abused its entertainment centre licence by conducting illegal gaming activities. The team seized 48 machines from the premises.
Azmi said police will check into Jamal’s claim that nine other illegal gaming outlets were operating in Sabak Bernam.
He said the local council had approved licences to only five family entertainment centres in the district.-FMT

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