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Thursday, December 22, 2016


It is time Mahathir just shut up and stop being a nuisance. The country is in a mess because of him and it is Mahathir that we need to save Malaysia from. Jesus was reported to have said let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. So Mahathir is the last person on earth who is qualified to throw stones at Najib.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
You can read Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s latest rantings here http://chedet.cc/?p=2373. Actually Mahathir is just repeating what he has already said so many times before this. This is what I call ‘same shit different day’. There is nothing new in what Mahathir posted in his blog today, which gives the impression he is already bankrupt of ideas.
When we discuss what Mahathir himself did when he was Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak’s critics would say: just because Mahathir committed a crime that does not mean it is also alright for Najib to commit a crime. In short, they are saying two wrongs do not make a right. That is the normal defence mechanism to make us stop criticising Mahathir.
We never said two wrongs make a right. What we are saying is ‘let he who has not sinned cast the first stone’. Can you imagine, for example, Anwar Ibrahim scolding Rafizi Ramli and calling him a faggot? Is it Anwar or Rafizi who was convicted twice for sodomy, notwithstanding the fact that Rafizi may also be a bum bandit?
But this is how Mahathir’s supporters or Najib’s critics try to silence us. They also argue that we are talking about the past, which is not important, while they are talking about the present, which is more important. In that case why is it still a crime to dispute the holocaust and to question whether it is really true that six millions Jews were killed since that was so long in the past and no longer important today?
The other argument they use is that Mahathir has repented and now wants to save the country. Yeah, right, and I bet you also believe that after midnight this Saturday, 24th December, Santa is going to crawl down your chimney to deliver your presents which the elves manufactured in the North Pole.
If Mahathir has really repented then why is he not returning the RM100 billion that he stole? Instead why is he trying to topple Najib so that he can ‘free’ the RM100 billion that is currently stuck with his trustees, proxies, nominees and cronies?
I do not buy this Mahathir has repented, Mahathir is just trying to save the country, the past is not important only the present is, and all those arguments to silence us from talking about Mahathir’s transgressions and misdeeds. I know most Pakatuns are morons but surely they cannot be that dumb. Even a pig has brains so don’t tell me Pakatuns are more stupid than pigs.
In today’s blog posting Mahathir made a lot of slandeous and even seditious allegations. Mahathir is either so desperate that he no longer cares about what he says or he has gone totally senile and has become a lunatic. Malays would call someone who talks the way Mahathir is talking as nyanyuk. What in heaven’s name is Mahathir trying to prove and who does he think he is trying to convince?
Can’t Mahathir remember grumbling about Anwar refusing to allow Petronas to pay his son RM2 billion and only paid RM1 billion? Can’t Mahathir remember forcing Petronas to buy one Twin Tower from Ananda Krishnan at a price that allowed Ananda to get the other Twin Tower free? Can’t Mahathir remember forcing TNB to grant YTL the Paka IPP concession at a price that would allow them to make RM25 billion ‘atas darat’, as the Malays would say? Can’t Mahathir remember blowing billions on the tin fiasco, the Forex fiasco, the Sogoshosha fiasco, the Proton fiasco, the MAS fiasco, the Perwaja fiasco, the shipbuilding fiasco, and many, many more?
Mahathir is a fine one for talking. He is just like a prostitute calling another woman a whore.
It was during Mahathir’s time that general elections began to cost RM1.5 billion and by-elections RM50 million (and still does). It was during Mahathir’s time that Umno’s leadership structure changed from 70% teachers and government servants to 70% businessmen and corporate people. It was during Mahathir’s time that Umno branch elections began to cost RM500,000 and division elections RM5 million. It was during Mahathir’s time that Anwar spent RM100 million to oust Gafar Baba (RM20 million cash just in Sabah alone) and take over as the new Deputy Prime Minister.
Sure, you can criticise the Prime Minister, Umno, Barisan National and the government. In fact, you should criticise them. But that person should not be Mahathir. The whole mess we are currently in is all due to Mahathir. The education system sucks. Race relations is at an all-time low. There is utter confusion regarding the Sharia and the Sharia courts. And religious intolerance is alarming. And this is all due to Mahathir.
It was during Mahathir’s time that states began passing laws banning non-Muslims from using ‘Allah’ and about two dozen other words (in Penang the law was passed by the DAP government in 2010 though). It was during Mahathir’s time that the issue of child custody between one Muslim and one non-Muslim parent plus unilateral conversions became a problem. It was during Mahathir’s time that it became a problem for Muslim contestants in beauty contests and for Muslims drinking in pubs, bars and clubs.
Sigh, in the good old days we could drink and dance till the wee hours of dawn. Today you end up getting arrested by the religious police. And that all started to happen during the time of Mahathir. Those of us in their 60s, like me, know how life was in the 1960s and even in the 1970s. Even in the 1970s we could still drink and dance (with taxi dancers) in the night clubs in states like Terengganu and Kelantan. Hell, the girls would even sit on your lap for no extra charge.
No, Mahathir is the last person who should be criticising Najib. Mahathir should actually take down his blog posting today because it make him appear like an idiot. Just because what Mahathir did is in the past does not make what he did okay — because a lot of what he did is still haunting us until today.
Even if Najib is the worst prime Minister in history, as Mahathir says, who was the moron who ousted Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and replaced him with Najib? In fact, Abdullah did not even want Najib as his Deputy. He wanted Muhyiddin Yassin. But Mahathir forced Abdullah to take Najib and even made the announcement that Najib is going to be appointed the Deputy Prime Minister before Abdullah could say anything.
Yes, it was Mahathir and not Abdullah who announced Najib as the new Deputy Prime Minister (Harakahreported it the following day). And it was Mahathir who ousted Abdullah and replaced him with Najib. So Mahathir should just shut the hell up and go away and leave us alone and stop pretending that all he is trying to do is to save Malaysia. It is Mahathir who we need to save Malaysia from.

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