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Friday, December 9, 2016


Fuiyyo ! The Thingy says : Najib will be named and warrant of arrest will be issued Malaysia will be requested to extradite him to US to face charges ! !
Relations with Washington will get worse 
inevitable path of 1MDB investigation follows its course
Najib prime mover behind 1MDB scam 
major beneficiary with billions in his accounts
will be indicted in criminal stage of DOJ investigation
evidence against Najib overwhelming 
legions of bankers, collaborators cooperating with FBI
Najib will be named, warrant of arrest will be issued 
Malaysia will be requested to extradite him to US
This is from The Thingy:
Why Najib Wants A Snap Election
8 December 2016
snap election best option
news can only get worse.
Over next weeks, months harder to deny he stol
No one else in the world believes his denials
upcoming problems he will have to weather
1MDB lost arbitration with Abu Dhabi
Najib and Arul boasted they could win
Abu Dhabi demanding US$6.5b (RM35b) settlement
US$3b awarded, remainder pushed to criminal prosecutors
serious shenanigans involving Najib
Financial Times let cat out of bag
Najib negotiating another China bail-out over 1MDB
1MDB repayment, with Chinese assistance, to Abu Dhabi’s IPIC
to settle Emirati fund claim US$6.5bn.
Emirati officials involved in plot to siphon US$1bn from 1MDBMalaysia swap assets for China financing
US investigations complicate M’sia’s relationship with Washington
Johari not really 2nd Finance Minister, Jho Low holds that role.
Sour relations with US putting Malaysia in China’s debt
Najib prepared to do
to keep control of forces of law and order which would otherwise arrest him
UMNO willing to support him
they get their share of 1MDB loot
Relations with Washington will get worse 
inevitable path of 1MDB investigation follows its course
Najib prime mover behind 1MDB scam 
major beneficiary with billions in his accounts
Najib will be indicted in criminal stage of DOJ’s investigation.
M’sians deliberately not been informed about investigations
led to think somehow Najib has escaped indictment
standard stages in money laundering cases like this
first proceeds of crime are seized
Najib will be chargednext stage proceeds thoroughly
criminal indictments carefully prepared
in any money laundering all known perpetrators are charged
whether they are in US, US citizens or whoever in terms of rank
Najib’s lawyers .. warned him that DOJ confirmed his key role
to steal money from M’sia, then to launder it through US
evidence against Najib overwhelming 
legions of bankers, collaborators cooperating with FBI to firm up evidence
Najib will be named, warrant of arrest will be issued 
Malaysia will be requested to extradite him to US to face charges
Najib knows this, but is trading off the ignorance of M’sians
told by controlled media he will not be named in criminal charges
trying to gull ignorant Malaysians that ‘Trump will pull the dogs off’.
This is not how system works in US
US justice operates independently, follows due process of law
US media would pounce if Trump intervenes in such a case
DOJ issues warrants for powerful people around world
failing to charge ringleader unacceptable
1MDB investigation proceeding with full force in US
Najib knows what’s coming.
Najib to rush election
so that he, AG, IGP can refuse US extradition
UMNO leaders plan to leave
Plunging ringgit
economy set to get far worse, not better
longer he waits, more worse impact of plunging ringgit on voters
Najib desperately wasting BNM’s dwindling reserves to prop ringgit
overwhelming loss of confidence, thanks to Najib’s corruption
Eventually BNM money going to run out
ringgit impossible to prop forever
forecast to shoot through RM4.50 to the dollar
if hits RM5.00 to the dollar, disaster to M’sia’s economy.
“Good Muslim”
Najib’s key strategy for election is to throw himself at PAS
not hesitate to ally with ultra-conservative, ‘extremist’ party
To court extremist PAS, Najib dragged UMNO into Sharia agenda
adopted divisive, backward, extremist ideas into UMNO
if whipping women in streets is what its takes, then whip them
UMNO will support if he pays them with 1MDB money
using mosque sermons, media to convince bewildered PAS
OK to support sinner in return for Sharia
to show he was good Muslim, support Rohingya minority 
yet he commanded their boats driven back to sea last year, they drowned
he has control of ailing Hadi, who heads very troubled PAS
Najib a rogue leader
at odds with Burma, Singapore
wanted for crimes in USA
had his political opponents jailed
has placed economy in tatters
is reliant on Sharia extremists
this is not Malaysia of yesteryear, it is the future under Najib
My comments :
Kekawan, especially kekawan UMNO, kekawan Cabinet, kekawan Malaysian Civil Service, kekawan Majlis Keselamatan Negara, kekawan Research Department, Block A (?), kekawan Police please take note.
Najib came to power in 2009. 
I began highlighting the 1MDB scandal in 2010. (No big deal, just to show you the sequence)
The bulk of the 1MDB money was stolen by 2012.
Here is the important part:
Sarawak Report began highlighting this 1MDB scandal much later circa 2013 (I think). The Wall Street Journal picked up the scent in July 2015.
Then within a year after that Wall Street Journal report, the US Department of Justice filed that 136 page affidavit in July 2016.
I want you to take note that :
what Sarawak Report had pointed out in detail was exactly
what Wall Street Journal wrote in July 2015, which was exactly 
what the US DOJ filed in its affidavit in July 2016.
It was the same set of facts.
Meaning Sarawak Report did not write lies.
Meaning Wall Street Journal did not write lies.
Meaning the US Dept Of Justice does not file 136 page affidavits based on lies.
Meaning they will charge Najib, they will find him guilty, they will request to extradite him.
Malulah Malaysia. It will be an unbearable shame. A leader of the Malay people will have a warrant of arrest out for him.
It will be a black mark on the Malays. 
It will be a shame for the entire Malay civilisation.
It will be recorded in history that a Malay leader stole, cheated and locked up people and yet the Malays around him did nothing.
Kekawan UMNO, Civil Service, MKN, Research Dept, Police and others : most of you are educated people. You are professional people. You know where this will end up. It is going to be very bad news.
So please organise yourselves. 
Talk among yourselves. 
Go and see Najib and tell him to resign now and begone.
There is no need to advise him. 
Just tell him. “We cannot support you anymore. Resign and be gone”.
Whether he returns the stolen money or not is NOT RELEVANT.
We will get back all that money. In double quick time.
We dont need his ‘cooperation’ to recover stolen money. 
(Put me in charge and I will get it back in months. I promise.)
If he wants to escape to Saudi Arabia that is his option. 
If he stays here he must face investigations and charges that crop up.
The economy is crashing.
The Ringgit is dying.
The Stock Market is dying.
Our Education system is dead.
Malaysia is NO MORE in the PISA Educational Ratings !!
There is something else about Felda that I dont want to share here. It is very bad. 
The country is just grinding to a halt.
So kekawan, organise yourselves. 
Collectively you have the authority. 
Dont be afraid.
Tell Najib to be gone.
– http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.my/

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