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Friday, December 23, 2016

PPIM to launch special fund to help family living in auctioned home

A special fund will be launched next week to help the family living in a home put up for auction - the news of which went viral recently - in an effort to solve their bank loan problems.
The Muslim Consumers' Association of Malaysia (PPIM) chairperson Nadzim Johan said those who wished to help the family could contribute to the fund.
"The family's problem is still pending, I understand that the banks involved will auction off the house to recover the outstanding loan amount.
"This fund will be open to the public or any party which would like to help. We hope this special fund to some extent can help ease their financial burden and cover the cost of the bank loan," he said when contacted by Bernama here, today.
In a post which went viral on social media recently, an individual known as Lee Hui Sen let go of a home in Subang 2, near here, which he had won in an auction after sympathising with the family who were seen to be still living there.
Lee, who had reportedly paid a RM44,500 deposit to purchase the home in the auction, even gave up the amount, so as to enable the occupants to continue living in the house.
He was said not to have met the residents in person, and only expressed his message through a letter left at the home.
The homeowners who only wanted to be known as S, 47 and Nor, 42, then handed the letter to PPIM.
Meanwhile, Nadzim said they had tried to find Lee for the past two months, however, they had still failed to do so.
Therefore, he urged the public or Lee's family members who had any information on the whereabouts of the good samaritan, to contact PPIM.
"Lee's identity remains a mystery, for now we do not have any information or record about him. It is important to meet him to discuss the rescheduling of payments to the bank," he said.

Nadzim said this was because Lee was considered the owner of the house after he paid the deposit.
Accordingly, any discussion about rescheduling payments to the bank needs to involve Lee, he said.
"We also plan to give him appreciation and recognition for his good deeds. This is a noble act and should be emulated by all Malaysians," he said.
- Bernama

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