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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sabah Police On A Roll : Two More Gunmen Shot, Weapons Seized. Syabas !

Image result for two men shot dead in Eastern Sabah

12 DECEMBER 2016 

  • KUNAK: Police found arms near 2 shot at Balian Ulu Tingkayu 
  • 2 shotguns (bakakuk), .45 Colt, .38 revolver, live bullets
  • confiscated three packets syabu
  • 1.30am police team spotted movement at hut in plantation
  • 50 km off road, 2 hours journey from main road
  • shootout after police's call for surrender ignored
  • checking if linked with 7 armed men in Lahad Datu, Semporna 

My comments : Congratulations again to Sabah Police. Two major successes in just a few days. Sabah is home to heavily armed and dangerous terrorists, pirates and criminals (M16s, shotguns, grenade launchers etc) who are mostly from outside Sabah. 

This is not the Malaysian style. 

We allow all these people into the country, they bring with them all their bad behaviours.

We import Myanmars and Rohingyas, we also import their hatreds and all their problems. Myanmars killing each other, Myanmars attacking Malaysian Indians (because Myanmars in Myanmar have issues with Myanmar Indians) etc. 

We allow people from the Middle East here, they bring their hatreds from the Middle East with them, the same hatreds that made them leave their countries in the first place.

This is not being racist or xenophobic. Not at all. Problem is we do not have the capacity to handle all the problems that these problematic people bring with them.

The criteria for entry is how much they can bribe the border guards or how much the crony Dato gets paid for their permit. That is what determines their "entry requirements" into the country. 

Then the brave Policemen have to risk their lives and limbs chasing after all these bad hats from among them. 

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