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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Something is happening to Jordan

Image result for ISIS attack expected at Jordan

Here is some news about Jordan. (Is this news relevant? Who cares?) 

Yes I think it is relevant. It represents the complete breakdown in despair of the Islamic jihadis. Who are they? They could be your neighbour. So this news is relevant.

At least 14 killed in series of attacks in Jordan
Tourists freed after being trapped in castle  
Gunmen held tourists hostage in Karak Crusader castle, Dec. 18. 
Jordanian special forces freed those held captive. (Reuters)

7 police, 2 civilians, 1 Canadian tourist killed Sunday 
4 gunmen also killed.

11 police injured in 10-hour attack
28 others were injured 
14 foreign tourists held hostage 
special forces freed them after five-hour standoff

10 gunmen in Karak castle
Mosques’ across Karak called on residents to flee
Gunfire heard from inside Karak Castle 
chaos as thousands fled to surrounding countryside.

rented apartment 25 miles east of Karak used by gunmen
part of Islamic militant “sleeper cell” 
dozens of automatic weapons, explosives, suicide bomber vests
gunmen mix of ­non-Jordanian Arabs and Jordanians.
Jordan oasis of stability and security in violence-plagued Middle East
image of stability being eroded

Sunday attack 4th deadly shooting this year

March Islamist militants shootout with police in Irbid
1 police officer, 7 gunmen dead. 

June gunman killed 5 Intelligence officers in Baqaa refugee camp 

Also June, ISIS truck-bombing, killed 7 Jordanian soldiers
November, Jordanian officer killed 3 U.S. military trainers at air base 

ISIS has 1,400 strong "Khalid ibn al-Walid Army" closeby near Deraa (Syria)
ISIS has at least a “sleeper cell” in the country.

3,000 Jordanians fight under ISIS banner
one of largest foreign contingents in ISIS 
threats to Jordan when these fighters return home

My comments : The ISIS are getting their butts seriously kicked in Syria, Libya and Iraq.  The last remnants of ISIS has been herded into Irbil in Syria and will most likely be finished off by the Syrians, the Kurdish women fighters and the Russians.

Many ISIS jihadis are running away and going back to their home countries. 
And creating trouble at home. I believe this is what is happening in Jordan.

Jordan is also long overdue for some type of Arab Spring. 
The ruling royal family are NOT bumiputras of Jordan.
They cannot identify with any tribe or clan that is native to Jordan.
There is no democracy in Jordan. There is not much of anything.
Plus Jordan is poor. 
Plus they are Muslim.
Some type of revolution is long overdue in Jordan.

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