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Friday, December 16, 2016

Terror Preacher From Mumbai Slums Running Away To Malaysia : Bukit Aman Please Keep An Eye On Your Bosses In KDN

Many call him and his followers "Wahhabi"

Zakir Naik's offices in Dongri slum in Mumbai.

All offices belonging to Zakir Naik have been shut
Zakir Naik born in 1965 in Dongri, in Mumbai
Dongri playground for smugglers, underworld dons, gangsters
unable to shed its reputation of notoriety.
Dongri home to underworld figures including Dawood Ibrahim.
founded Research Foundation in Dongri (1991)  

Zakir aggressively advocating radical Islam
an Indian causing disaffection along religious lines 
inciting youth through speeches. 
Zakir Naik's School shut down
modelled on hardline brand of Islam

Naik aggressively advocating fundamentalist Islam

refused to denounce al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden 
Indian preacher is banned from UK
al-Qaeda activists told authorities he was a huge influence on them
blamed for "influencing" Dhaka terror attackers on 1 July 2016
His offices and schools have since been raided and sealed.
Indian government ask him to return to help with their investigations

My comments :  This fellow was born and grew up in an infamous Mumbai slum called Dongri. (Google Dongri slum, Mumbai). India's infamous mafia boss Dawood Ibrahim and other underworld bosses are also from this same area.

These people have grown up within their own religious, social and economic cocoons unique to their place of birth.  A Muslim minority surrounded by a huge Hindu majority society. India is legally and constitutionally a secular country but at the street level Indians are staunchly Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc. 

Unique to India, people do wear their religion, their caste, their language and racial groupings on their sleeves.  This is what makes India an almost Failed State. A very disunited society that will not likely attain great nation status.

Zakir Naik's protests against everything non-Muslim is 100% influenced by the rather mixed up Indian society in which he grew up.

Now Zakir Naik will probably be arrested in India. He cannot stay long in Qatar because come January 20th, Donald Trump will slam the brakes on Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  

Over in Syria the Salafis are getting their butts kicked.  Over 6000 of them have evacuated Aleppo and they have "been allowed" to escape to Idlib where it will be easier to bomb them to hell. Just wait and see.

So all over the world, the psycho Salafis are losing ground. They will be looking for new countries to escape and set up their new base of operations.

So Bukit Aman, please keep an eye on your Bosses.  

This could be  Duit Raya come super early for them.  Zakir Naik is already a PR in Malaysia. 

How much Duit Raya (Ang Pow) can be collected to give visas, Entry Permits, Social Visit Passes etc to all these Salafi terrorists and jihadi sympathisers from all over the world  who now have nowhere to go?

They will all want to come to Malaysia. 

Soalan cepu mas :  Berapa harganya untuk jual negara kita?  
Harga ikut pangkat pegawai kut ?  
K_U ada share tak?  

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