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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Those behind the FGV debacle are 'un-sackable'

YOURSAY 'Perkasa should know better than to suggest the sacking of Mohd Isa Samad, who clearly cannot be sacked. Why was he appointed to head Felda in the first place?'
Anonymous_1375701728: The Felda settlers were warned by their own people, but they chose to ignore it when they saw the RM20,000. Too late to cry over spilt milk. The elites are conning the ordinary folk.
What happened to all the cries of "if Umno loses than the Malays also will lose?" Umno is in power, yet the Malays are losing their land, livelihood and God only knows what else. Good luck to them.
Just a Malaysian: We need good capable and honest Malaysians to run GLCs. Stubbornly insisting on Umno members is going to cause the collapse of all GLCs. Eventually, Malays will suffer more since the Chinese are pretty self-reliant and global.
Anonymous 122461436161429: When are these people going to realise that they are being screwed by their own kind? Felda is a joke. FGV shares are a joke and yet they keep voting in Umno, which screwed them. They only have themselves to blame.
Felda money was used to buy hotels in the UK, not to improve oil palm yield. The opposition questioned this. But did the Felda settlers listen? Of course not. They can't blame Anwar Ibrahim, DAP and and the Chinese.
This mess is squarely on the shoulders of Umno. Let's see how Felda gets out of this mess. Is China going to take over Felda's plantations? I won't be surprised.
Anonymous 2443871479002035: EPF boss Shahril Riza should go. He took orders from his "political bosses" and invested in FGV because Eagle High boss Peter Sondakh is very closely connected to certain people Putrajaya. There was scant regard for the EPF contributors.
Word has it that EPF recorded a RM600 million loss from selling FGV shares. Is EPF wthholding other information? Please clear the air or resign, Shahril. Somebody is digging one hole to cover another.
Anonymous 759201436321741: When you mix politics, especially Umno politics, with business, this is what you get. When FGV was listed on June 28, 2012, at a reference price of RM4.55, it shot up to RM5.46, a surge off 20 percent before closing at RM5.30 for the day.
No doubt on that day, top Umno leaders beat their chest like Tarzan and roared like a huge ape. As of Friday, Dec 23, 2016 the price, closed at RM1.53. I have been rather sceptical about FGV, based on fundamental analysis, and expected it to trade around the RM2 range in the longer term.
Certainly at RM1.53, it has really fallen beyond my 'expectations'. I am really feel sorry for those poor Felda farmers who placed their trust, and worse still, their fate in the hands of these politicians. And I really wonder how much EPF has actually lost.
Ipohcrite: I thought Perkasa knew better than to suggest the sacking of Mohd Isa Samad, who clearly cannot be sacked. Why do you think was he appointed to head Felda in the first place?
If Perkasa really wanted Mohd Isa to resign, it should try recruiting the red-shirts to do their thing. After all, Jamal Md Yunos doesn't have a resort to run at the moment.

Anonymous #40538199: Just like 1MDB, if FGV had succeeded, MO1 and Umno must be given credit. But if both fail, MO1 and Umno must be held responsible.
JBond: FGV stands for "Forever Gone Venture".
Clever voter: FGV was created out of convenience to provide a cash till for the establishment. The uninformed settlers have no idea that shareholders are not the same as landowners. Felda was a success story, but to take to the next level requires professional discipline and integrity.
From day one, the make-up of its board and management was already a non-starter. The agenda of political appointees is to serve their masters. Commodity prices are beyond FGV’s control, investment decisions lack prudence and costs management only spell trouble.
Ultimately, a bailout looks like a possibility but it can be avoided. It's the same old recipe of having politicians in charge and 10 out of 10 times, it will be a disaster.

Tan Kim Keong: Salleh Said Keruak said his question was a genuine question and not a pretend question. It is for the people to decide if Salleh's question is genuine or not.
On the contrary, Lim Kit Siang's questions are the real ones and they have not been answered at all. Even if they have been responded to, they were not facts or informative but at best deliberately vague.
Bersatu Malaysia: The minister of misinformation is unable to answer so he is evasive. Lim is asking on behalf of all Malaysians.
Someone asked what is the difference between pollution and solution. Answer: If a BN politician drowns in a river it is causes polution. If all of them drown then it is solution.
Hopeless: We don't care who will be prime minister if Pakatan Harapan wins. Anyone will definitely be better than those in power now.
There are genuine questions people been asking that you haven't answered. Why lock the auditor-general's report under OSA? Why are statements from 1MDB-linked foreign bank accounts not given to PAC? Why the case is not re-opened, since a few people in Singapore jailed for criminal banking activities tied to 1MDB are linked to Jho Low?
Low is a "person of interest" to Singapore but to Malaysia, there is no attempt to summon him back here despite him being a Malaysian. Answer these questions. We don't care about your grouses with Lim Kit Siang. Don't sidetrack, please.
Anonymous_3f4b: Lim Kit Siang is always asking irrelevant questions out of his own political interest. That is the only way to show his relevancy and that of his party. They need publicity stunts every now and then for the excitement of their ardent supporters to show that they are still alive and kicking.

I have lost count of the countless times he has cried wolf and cited the numerous "time bombs" in Malaysia, which are still ticking from the days of Abdul Razak.- Mkini

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