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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Time for royal exhortation over graft long gone

YOURSAY | ‘Please Tuanku, stop these groups from doing further damages to the nation.’
Politician: "In the history of Islamic governments, many among the leaders of the Bani Umaiyyah (Umayyad Caliphate) and Bani Abbas (Abbasid Caliphate), due to their preoccupation with worldly pleasures, were willing to use their wealth to remain in power.
"When power was regarded as an opportunity to fulfil personal interest and not as a trust, the functioning of the government would be impaired and ultimately resulted in its downfall and collapse of a civilisation."
"Hopefully, by delving into the history and way of life of the Prophet, the Muslim community will have the strength to promote noble character, so that they will be the most trustworthy people," said Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Shah.
It is my hope that His Highness as an educated individual and now the deputy king, will bring the corrupt and wolves in sheep’s clothing to book and make them pay for their wrongdoings.
Anonymous 29051438068738: This is indeed a most peculiar call by His Royal Highness. Some would say it is totally inappropriate.
Malaysia is being led by one of the most virtuous of men... lauded nationally and internationally for his absolute integrity and incorruptibility.
He is ably supported by his spouse, the much beloved lady of the masses who has a stellar reputation for frugal living reflecting the lifestyles of ordinary citizens.
Together they have set the tone for the people at all levels in government - which accounts for the fact that the auditor general's report each year repeatedly lists spectacular examples of prudent spending, savings and exemplary governance which even other countries talk about.
The religious authorities too are known to have expressed their feelings of irrelevance - given the clean living and "Quranic" conduct of the faithful. So, the question remains - what gives?
Trueglitter: Your Highness Sultan Nazrin, the subjects in your state acknowledge your intellect and healthy exposure of an overseas education, which will serve them well.
Your apparent compassion and concerns for your subjects are distinctly etched into your eloquent and thought-provoking royal address, particularly at a time when unconcealed corruption and blatant abuse of power by especially those in high positions in the government are relentlessly plundering and pauperising the country.
Despite the protracted loss of hope and apparent despair of the downtrodden rakyat under the tyrannical powers-that-be, we are hoping against hope that your inherent wisdom and infectious leadership qualities you have had inherited from your departed beloved father will enable you to address the Council of Rulers to formulate a proactive approach to effectively eradicate even the obnoxious MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) for his alleged corruption.
Odin Tajué: Malaysia is a rogue state. You have the titled behaving like thugs and yobs, but their titles have not been withdrawn. You have shady characters involving in dubious activities having been awarded titles.
Year in and year out over donkey’s years, we have been hearing of all sorts of blatant thefts as reported by the auditor-general.
Government projects have taken longer to complete than they should have, their costs bloated, and workmanship rendered so shoddily that they invariably have failed after mere months. That’s all due to corrupt practices.
The higher up those in government are, the more they have allegedly stolen. The highest among them has allegedly stolen billions, but he is still running around freely and thumbing his nose at everyone else, including the rulers.
There is no point to say this should not be done, that is wrong, and that other one is sinful when the rulers just sit and watch, is there? You get what I am saying, Tuanku?
Kingfisher: Top honour and credit to HRH the Sultan for his frank and forthright rebuke of corruption and abuses of indulgence by public officials in position of power.
His expression of concern is very timely and his pointed reference that wealth acquired by forbidden means is a form of abuse and cruelty towards the rightful people is very telling.
Anonymous Hotplate: We, the rakyat, sincerely hope and pray that at least Sultan Nazrin Shah as the deputy agong can be brave to speak up for the people and bring about some changes in the theft of people's money, high taxes and also ensure fair and free elections to uphold real democracy in this country.
Please Tuanku, stop these groups from doing further damages to the nation. Daulat Tuanku!
BeSmart: Even their majesties have to beat around the bush. What is stopping them talking straight? Fear God alone and none else, you will find the people behind you.
Anonymous_4056: O Sultan of Perak, how accurate and true are your keen observations, we hope and pray that you and your brother rulers gather enough courage to bring it another step forward.
The last reprimand by the Council of Rulers has fallen on deaf ears with all avenues to the closure of this thoroughly shameful episode in the nation's history being blocked and hush up even in Parliament.
Please help us, the hapless rakyat, we pray.
Anonymous 2450121480909934: His Majesty's cutting and understated remarks truly represent the will of many right-thinking Malaysians.
Of course, many of us would hope that the current government and its leaders also appreciate the meaning behind these remarks.
Dont Just Talk: The rot starts from the top - we have in PM Najib Razak aka MO1, who was caught with US$681 million in his bank account, claimed that it was a donation from a rich Arab, with his deputy reinforcing the alleged lie by confirming to have met the rich Arab when the money was allegedly from 1MDB.
What example does it set? The scale of corruption and abused of power are staggering, with the latest involving the director-general and deputy director-general of Sabah Water Utility, who when arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) were found to have over RM52 million in cash.
Without any political connections, such scale of corruption would not have been possible.

Pemerhati: The utterances by people who have obtained favours or those who are hoping to obtain favours or ‘dedak’ from the highly corrupt and kleptocratic PM, who has dictatorial powers, are perhaps summed up by Shakespeare’s well-known quotation - “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”- Mkini

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