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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trump Cancels US4b Air Force 1, Wants to cancel US400b F35 Stealth Project. Will Trump be assassinated?

President elect Donald Trump has already said that the US4b price tag for two new Boeing 747 Airforce 1 planes is too high. He has effectively cancelled the new planes. His comments sent Boeing shares down.

Now Mr Trump has indicated that he will cancel the US400b F-35 stealth aircraft program.

After President-elect Donald Trump commented that he thought that the cost of the beleaguered F-35 jet program was too high, the stock of its manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, plummeted. 

Coming behind US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter‘s visit to Israel, during a delivery of the first two F-35s, Trump tweeted, "The F-35 program and cost is out of control. Billions of dollars can and will be saved on military (and other) purchases after January 20th." 

The military industrial complex has enormous power to keep the money flowing, but we will see.

Lockheed Martin’s stock valuation dropped some $2 billion after Trump’s tweet

My comments :  One of the theories behind John F Kennedy's assassination was the huge military industrial complex in the US. They wanted to keep the Cold War and the Hot Wars going. Kennedy was not great about wars (except his blunder in Vietnam and Cuba.)

One of the biggest achievements of the Military Industrial Complex was the creation of NATO which sucked up trillions of dollars over 70 years to build weapons and armies for a conflict that never happened.

When there were conflicts (war between Turkey and Greece), Bosnia, tension between Turkey and Russia - NATO said 'Err...sorry we cannot help'   So what was NATO for?

I think this is what Donald Trump is going to say come Jan 20th.

Folks, they might get rid of Trump. Yes assassinate him.

No more 'lone gunman from six floors up' or 'shooters on grassy knoll'. 

Maybe a miniature drone will drop a tiny bit of ricin into Trump's chimichanga.

Or the "old" Airforce 1 will malfunction.
The defense industry is a multi trillion dollar industry - all over the world.  If Trump cuts all those expensive military programs, imagine the boom it will create for the civilian economy.

All those clever engineers, scientists and technicians who ddesign and build weapons will be reemployed designing and building better TVs, refrigerators, computers, cars, buses and trains.

Let us give Mr Trump full support.

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