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Friday, December 2, 2016

UMNO'a Big Lie

I am very sure many conscientious and sensible UMNO delegate cringed when their leaders came out with stupid and laughable statements. Like Najib demonising the DAP warning of dire consequences if DAP led government takes over. 

I only urge UMNO members and members of the public to learn the art of talking with facts a bit. 

I am a DAP Member of Parliament and we are guided by the Malaysian constitution and all its provisions there in. We agree to the provisions regarding the rights of Malays and other races, the special position of Islam, the language and so forth.

What makes Najib think he is the only person capable of thinking about the country, race and religion? You elect a dullard to become PM, this is the garbage we put up every single day.

They cringe as we all do to the statement that says, Malays will perish if UMNO loses. UMNO lost Kelantan, Selangor and Penang, did we see Malays perish and die in the streets? Malays remain poor generally because the policies of the UMNO government are pro the privileged and the elite. Its policies are those of the top 5% by the top 5% for the top 5%. 95% of the rest eked out a living on crumbs left by the UMNO MIC and the MCA elites.

DAP is driven by the ideals of democracy and the rule of law. It has no concern about the religion of Islam because it’s never been driven by anyone’s religiosity. UMNO can never force DAP to have an Islamic agenda because DAP is not a Islamic based party. It does not have a Buddhist or a Christian agenda either. 

Therefore if Islam is endangered, it must be so from within. UMNO has betrayed the Muslims. That is why the are backward, poor, like to abandon babies, commit incest and all the depraved acts. UMNO is Islamic in name only. 

They laughed at UMNO president’s stupidity in berating DAP because everyone else knows, except the 3000 attending UMNO’s DAP and Mahathir bashing convention, that every level of leadership and control- from the Kings right down to the heads of the village security and welfare committees is Malay.

So how can DAP penetrate this fortress of Malay control over the levers of power? The quick answer is by having these levers of power taken over by DAP Malays. The DAP Malay is no less Malay and Islamic in spirit than the UMNO layabouts.  

If anyone were to replace the UMNO leadership, it will be Malay. 70% of the parliamentary seats in parliament are Malay. We must stop thinking that every Malay must be an UMNO member.

Malays are already abandoning UMNO since 2013. In the 13th GE, 55% of the voters were pure Malays. If we were to count in the other Bumiputeras, then Bumiputeras who came out to vote in PRU13, made up probably 65% of the voting population. The number of pure Malays who came out voting of of the 11 million voters is then 6.05 million. (55%)

UMNO obtained a total number of 3.2 million votes. Assuming those who voted for UMNO were all Malays, that would mean , 2.85 million Malays did not support UMNO. But this was not true- UMNO could not have gotten 100% of the Malay votes. Let us assume they got 70%- that would mean, UMNO obtained 2.24 million Malay votes. Hence out of the 6.05 million Malay votes, 3.8 million Malays did not vote for UMNO. So did the Malays who did not vote for UMNO drop dead on the street?

Of course I would like to entertain the idea, even if for the sake of some humour, Najib fears that if a DAP led government comes into power, I as a Malay and Muslim can possibly be the next PM. As I have said many times, if Najib can become  PM, anyone else can!

We are now hearing all the silly and bellicose statements from PWTC. They are coming from a group of Malays belonging to a certain political party. Yes, UMNO is having its annual assembly. They are having a massive gathering of the brethren in Kuala Lumpur.

It is an assembly of hedonists, pleasure seekers, and mentally challenged demagogues. The chief demagogue is a person named Najib Tun Razak, who is said to be the PM of the Malays and his Hitler-patterned Red Shirts. He is not the PM of Malaysia.

We are hearing a section of the Malay community, celebrating incompetence, deceit and hostility. Never in the history of Malay society, has a section of the Malay society plunged themselves into an orgy of adulation for a person who stole money, serially lied to them and who is championing tyranny. And it is done with such pomp and open display of arrogance.

It is now happening under Najib Tun Razak. His deification is taking place before our eyes. Hence the frequent references to God having chosen Najib as leader to whom obedience and loyalty is owed.

With followers stoned into a stupor, what will happen?

I am afraid I have bad news for you. The day will come- when the narcissists of UMNO enter into our houses, abuse our wives and daughters and we will excuse their insolence and effrontery because they are one of us- same race and same religion. Furthermore, we cannot produce 4 upright male witnesses to testify for us. Indeed, what is happening is part of a grand Godly design, just as God has anointed Najib as leader of this country.

We will say of them at the outset, they are criminals and traitor of the Malay race. At the moment, there are more than 3000 of them holed up in PWTC.

It is an open display of idiocy and thoughtlessness. The garbage is shouted out by various levels of UMNO leadership. From the young girls and boys eager to make a mark on the national political scene to the fading leaders making a last minute attempt to stay relevant. They sounded furious and serious.

We have already aware of their theatrics.   They amount to nothing other than amusements to the unthinking congregation. Tomorrow and the day after we will hear much more- some of them articulated in the form of the Malay rhythmic quatrains or pantuns. They  will be spoken by mentally challenged delegates and political lunatics. They will shamelessly declare their undying support to the thief-in-chief and his band of highwaymen

We only need to know one thing. These are the spokesmen and women siding with the oppressor, thief and serial liar. This is the only truth we require. We don’t require Najib to lose patience and apply stern measures. We only need Najib to stop lying or we will continue telling the truth about him.

All the other cock and bull narratives about Malays will perish if UMNO loses, DAP will lead the next government, Mahathir has become a traitor- all these talk are meant for the unthinking pleasure seekers. At best, they are material which ought to come out from the rear, but which has been channeled through the hole at the top.

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