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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Umno's 'extremist' talk, not MCA fear of DAP that's pushing Chinese away

The Chinese community rejects BN because of slanderous remarks from Umno leaders, and not because MCA failed to engage with opposition party DAP, argued MCA Youth.
This was in response to the statement by Umno Youth vice-chief Khairul Azwan Harun, who accused MCA of being scared to engage with opposition party DAP, thus losing out in the battle for the hearts and minds of the Chinese.
"MCA is never afraid of facing DAP, and has always been open in facing the opposition. Khairul Azwan is the one that needs to walk out of his comfort zone to the grassroots, and listen to the voices of the rakyat.
"If he continues to proclaim extremist remarks, the opposition will be able to take advantage of the situation, and he will have to bear defeat should he lose in the coming election," said MCA Youth secretary-general Leong Kim Soon in a statement.
Kim Soon said most of the time, the results produced by MCA in reaching out to the Chinese would be wiped out because of the words of Umno leaders.
He said that Umno should shoulder the responsibility, rather than accusing, ridiculing and insulting one another.
More importantly, Kim Soon asked if Khairul Azwan’s attack on MCA and its president would help win the votes.
If the answer is no, he said the Umno youth leader should stop stirring the pot.
"To be a true leader, Khairul Azwan should learn how to respect others, as well as to control his words," Kim Soon advised.
Meanwhile DAP Youth Varsity Affairs Bureau director Leong Yu Sheng also slammed Khairul Azwan, targeting the Umno vice-chief's insinuation that Chinese vernacular school may face closure if the Chinese do not support BN.
"Clearly the Umno vice chief's speech is the result of Umno mainstream thinking and racism-tinged, designed to divide Malaysians," said Yu Sheng in a separate statement.

He also brought up the matter of the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) for the Chinese vernacular school system which still lacked official recognition.
Yu Sheng said that BN and MCA had failed the community in this, despite the education certificate being a local legacy.
He argued that the people should be able to choose whichever education system they wanted without discrimination, even if it might lead to differences in language, culture, syllabus and what not.- Mkini

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