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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why cops taking sides, asks woman over maid complaint

Woman embroiled in police case after maid who ran away in 2014 alleges abuse and demands backdated pay.
MaidKUALA LUMPUR: A mother of four is questioning the police on the “preferential treatment” given to her runaway maid who allegedly claimed that she was abused by the former.
The women known only as Khoo wants police to take action against the maid who ran away from their home in 2014.
“The maid was hired in October 2012 and her contract was to expire in 2014.
“However, before her term expired she ran away,” she told reporters at the office of Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng today.
Khoo, who lives in Klang, said that she and her husband had lodged two police reports on the missing maid in 2014 and 2015.
“We even went to the immigration department and terminated her permit in 2014.”
However, Khoo got a rude shock this year when the police came knocking on her door in July.
“The police said that my missing maid had lodged a police report against me stating that I had abused her.
“Despite telling the police that we had lodged two police reports against the maid, I was then taken to IPD Klang for further investigation.”
Khoo then claimed she was taken to the Klang court and remanded for two days.
“My husband managed to get a lawyer and I was released.”
Khoo said that when she enquired about the maid she was told by the police that the maid was found at the road side by a passerby near the Klang area in July.
“The police then said she was taken to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang.
“When in the hospital, the maid had lodged a police report claiming that I had abused her.”
Khoo said that since the incident she had lost her job and has to rely on her husband’s income to support their children.
“I want an explanation as to why I was arrested, brought to court and remanded for two days.
“Why was no action taken against the maid despite us making two police reports?
“I have also cancelled her permit and that makes the maid an illegal (immigrant).”
Khoo said that her problems have not ended as the maid had also lodged a complaint with the labour department demanding for her backdated pay of RM30,000.
“Despite running away two years ago the maid is claiming for her wages until May this year.
“I have contacted the labour department and they refused to accept our explanation and insisted that we file our written defence by January 19, 2017.”
Khoo said they have no choice but to inccur more cost by hiring a lawyer.
Meanwhile, Lim said that he will be contacting the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission for a meeting with all the parties involved.
“How, can our laws be manipulated by the maid?
“The maid has made a false police report and that is an offence.
“I will be calling for a hearing with Khoo, the police and all the parties involved for a hearing with the commission.” - Mkini

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