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Monday, December 26, 2016

Why intervene in Zaid’s suit if PM had committed no wrong?

YOURSAY | ‘If Najib intervenes, the inference is that he has indeed many things to hide.’
Odin Tajué: Mr Prime Minister, it is indeed rather strange that you seek to be an intervenor in this case. It is completely unnecessary for you to do so. After all, you have committed no wrongdoing.
The US$681 million transferred into your personal bank accounts at AmBank was a gift from the spirit of the last King of Saudi Arabia.
It was also a donation from a living member of the royal family, a prince, in appreciation of your clairvoyant ability to foresee the emergence of the Islamic State (IS), and that is to say, before it came being, and your effort at fighting it.
It was also meant for you to use to advance Islam, or, rather, the Sunni version of it.
As a gift and a donation, you could also use it as you wished, and that there were no strings attached. The prince even wrote a letter confirming that it was a gift and that there was no element of corruption involved.
Like you, the prince also has had a clairvoyant ability. In his case, he could foresee that many would jump to conclusion and assume that the money was illicit and that you had been involved in some nefarious activities.
The prince has been proven right, of course. Many have made false accusation against you. But it is clear that they have been all nothing more than nasty, envious syaitans.
Among these are former US vice president Al Gore, the “Clinton team,” the aristocratic Rothschild family, Federal Bureau of Investigation deputy chief Andrew McCabe, Barack Obama, Clare Rewcastle Brown and her husband, several individuals from the Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan investment banks, George Soros, Tony Blair, Marcus Ambrose Paul Agius, and, of course, the Chinese and the Christians.
You are such an honest, honourable man that you even returned what you have not used - an enormous sum of US$620 million! - whereas all others would have kept it. Truly, you are so saintly that one ceases to wonder why you are the Chosen One.
But then again, Mr Prime Minister, you are probably seeking to intervene because you want to help your lawyer to make some money. The poor fellow must be tired of eating nasi lemak kosong and downing it with plain cold water.
If the assumption of your intention is correct, then you are also a very generous, considerate man. Really, anyone with some sense of fairness could scarcely but compliment you for your extraordinary character and to wish you all the best.
Anonymous 29051438068738: Najib Razak really has no choice but to intervene. He knows that once the details of his accounts are made known, the Saudi donation story will be proved to be what it has always been - fiction.
Moreover, the withdrawals and transfers into other accounts will tell the truth that he has struggled to suppress.
Bluemountains: What is the necessity for Najib to intervene if he really believes in transparency? He should not be worried at all if he has nothing to hide.
Furthermore, his hand-picked attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali has already cleared him of all wrongdoings.
Anonymous 539281478077880: Yes, why must Najib intervene in the lawsuit filed by Zaid? Is he scared that the "cat would come out of the bag".
If the money in the five bank accounts of Najib were to be from real donors; then why is there a necessity for Najib to intervene?
Hornbills: If Najib intervenes, the inference is that he has indeed many things to hide.
The bank statements will confirm unequivocally whether MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) did indeed receive the RM2.6 billion from some unknown donor, when the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has determined that the money came from 1MDB.
Bank Negara has the authority to intervene and clear the air like what Monetary Authority of Singapore is doing.
Otherwise, Malaysia's dream of becoming a developed nation forever remains a pipe dream. Perhaps Finance Minister II can also intervene with an official statement, at least.
No-Brainer: Let’s imagine what he is trying to hide from the public:
1. The source of his RM2,600,000,000.00 donation.
2 Who issued and signed the SRC cheque for RM42,000 000 to be banked into his personal account.
3. It will reveal other sources of his ‘donations’. It will also reveal all those who received 'political donations' from him.
Rick Teo: If Najib wants the truth to be out, why should he intervene? Let the truth prevail and let the people judge for themselves if what he says is the truth.
CQ Muar: Didn't Najib say he never use public funds for personal gain, hence why is he such a nervous wreck, I wonder?
I guess only those Umno Baru members, ministers and his ‘dedak’ takers believe his story and innocence.
However, with each passing day, the noose is getting tighter around his neck.
YHJ: Many thanks, Zaid. We the rakyat are also very interested to know how the money landed in Najib's accounts.
VeraCruz): If he has to neutralise flak coming at him from all sides, how can he possibly be effective in running the country?
It’s only a matter of time before he's fatigued and go down under. It’s a tough spot to be in, but he gets no sympathy from me.
Wong Fei Hoong: Najib, why are you so worried? If there is nothing to hide, why interfere in Zaid's suit.

This will be the best chance for Najib to clear himself and counter sue Zaid if he is innocent.- Mkini

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