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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Jihad Zakir Naik Tidak Termasuk Syahid ! !

Zakir Naik: Indian authorities can come probe me here

Zakir Naik willing to be questioned by India on "neutral ground" Malaysia

He said . . .in India, he would be subjected to "torture".

"If I go there, they will torture me... 
They have done that to other Muslims. 
I have proof."

"If you want to question me (do it at a) live press conference, anywhere in the world. Why want me to come to India.

"If they want then they can come here to talk. 
If you want face-to-face, then come over here. 
Come to the neutral ground," he told reporters in KL today.

My comments : There is only one reason Zakir Naik can speak so bravely like this - he has been promised protection by the locals.

Ok what if India officially applies to extradite Zakir Naik? Will our Home Affairs Ministry deny their application? 

Then what if in the future Malaysian criminals run away to India and we want to ask for them to be extradited? Do you seriously expect the Indians to help us when Malaysia refused to help India? 

Then what is the purpose of signing any extradition treaties with any country in the world?

Last time when that Saudi Arabian boy (who was in Malaysia) was wanted by Saudi Arabia for making some Facebook posting, we sent him back to Saudi Arabia within 24 hours. Dont know what happened to him. Just for making a Facebook posting.

The other thing is Zakir Naik has made a career talking about jihad and syahid (martyrdom).  

Now he says he does not want to face Indian investigators because he fears he will be tortured ! !  

Alamak !!  This simply means Zakir Naik  is not ready to become a syahid anytime soon.  I salute Zakir Naik. This is a very correct thing to say. 

Folks, what is the main purpose in life? Does anyone know? 

The main purpose in life is to stay alive. 

For those of you who do not believe this may I suggest a simple experiment? Fill a pail with water and then bend over and stick your head under the water. Lets see how long you will last. I dont think you will last more than 30 seconds.  Your body's reaction will be to jerk your head out of the pail and breathe again - to stay alive.  That is the main purpose in life - to stay alive.

Zakir Naik knows this very well. So he will not be wanting to be a syahid anytime soon. He will not be going back to India. 

But Zakir Naik's followers can become syahid instead. They can go and soak their heads under water - permanently.  Maybe someone will issue them a certificate to enter heaven.  

But good old Zakir himself will not be a syahid - not just yet. He will not even face Indian investigators.

What if the Indian investigators decide to come to Malaysia? And officially request to interview Zakir Naik - even on video camera?  

Then what will Zakir Naik do?  That might really check mate Zakir Naik.    

It might also check mate those people who are protecting him.  

I only see more and more embarrassment for Malaysia.

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