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Monday, May 15, 2017

A case of ‘we’re are in, but out’ or ‘out, but in’

YOURSAY | ‘PAS is one political party that wants to have its cake and eat it too.’
Bluemountains: PAS has declared that it will not have political cooperation with PKR. It will be very dangerous for PKR deputy president and Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali to keep PAS (now considered a political foe) in his cabinet.
If Azmin still wants to dance with PAS, he risks being punished by the voters in the 14th general election (GE14). Azmin must put the interests of PKR and Pakatan Harapan above his personal interests.
Mafeeah: Too bad, Azmin. You will have to live with PAS' decision. Now just tell their representatives that if they want to remain in the state cabinet, either they join a Harapan component party, or remove them as exco. They have no business being in the state cabinet.
Anonymous 5: PAS should do the honourable thing by virtue of principles, both general and religious, and resign from all Selangor posts. Azmin has no need to sack them, and voters will be the judge of Harapan's magnanimity to them.
The rakyat will now realise something is seriously wrong with PAS which betray the voters who had elected them in, and greed for money can only be the greatest temptations to do wrong.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: Azmin, discard your softie image. It is time to play rough. No more pleading. No more begging.
PAS has made known they don't need Harapan. You have tried to save the marriage, but your partner apparently has a new suitor. Just recite the talaq and move on.
Ipoh Pp: PAS representatives are in the Selangor executive council not for the people's sake, but just to get their salary, benefits and perks.
Azmin should remove them as they don't support the government led by PKR. It's just ‘sandiwara’ (shadow play) when they say they care for the people.
Raja Chulan: Azmin, using his charm, must convince the PAS representatives, supporters and members to abandon their president Abdul Hadi Awang and regroup under Amanah or PKR.
Selangor and Azmin must show that it can lead an opposition that is free of corruption, vengeance and extremism in the best interests of the majority of its people.
Azmin, this is a golden opportunity to show them you are a good leader and is of PM material.
The Analyser: Azmin might well waste his time muddling with his buddies from PAS in a desperate attempt to save his own political career.
But the reality is that as MB, he has been a dismal failure. His and his government's failure to perform and their abysmal attempts at politics has left Selangor ripe to be picked off by BN.
SV: People are watching Azmin's leadership - would he do the principled thing or otherwise?
Hornbill: What? Selangor DAP chief Tony Pua wants PAS to join the state opposition and sit with Umno in the Selangor assembly? And lose their exco posts and the perks that go with these posts?
PAS is one political party that wants to have its cake and eat it too. They are just opportunists like most greedy politicians, unprincipled to the core.
Feddup: Why doesn't PAS want to quit the state cabinet after severing ties with PKR?
That's simple. With the state cabinet they get power. With Umno, they allegedly get money. It's a win-win situation for PAS.       
Hang Babeuf: PAS wants to hold on to its positions and perks, while saying it will have nothing to do with the party that governs, and through which those benefits are derived.
In other words, and to be quite clear, we are 'in, but out', while being 'out, but in' - got it?
And how will we do that? To have nothing to do with the government of which they are a part? This is a farce. One that is so bad, it almost makes all the old-time battles inside MCA and MIC look reasonable in comparison.
PAS, the 'Parti Bulan' (the party with the moon logo) these days is the party not of Islam, but of lunacy, that is, moon-driven madness.
PAS wants to kill off PKR, DAP and company, while claiming and holding on to a part of that company's legacy, its political inheritance.
Like insisting on holding on to office in a club of which one says one disapproves. Only PAS is capable of this kind of lunacy.
Anonymous 1802761448130592: This is comedy of the highest order. The situation is like: I quit the company, but I still want my position, office, salary and perks, but without the responsibilities. How nice!
Ace: I have severed all links with ABC company and the bosses, but I would like to remain as a member of the board of directors... and please pay me my allowances and perks. Such respectable ethics from a religious party.
Platform_Sinking: Let Selangor PAS councillors remain, it's only a few more months and then they will be history.
Having terminated their relationship with their partners, they still want their income (gaji) without having to be team players... nor cooperate with their fellow councillors.
It's hard to respect their level of honour and ungentlemanly behaviour.
Anonymous 2350931441161169: At the end of the day, the hypocrites are just showing to the world that they will only cling to money. Where no money is involved, they would want to "maintain" the "relationship' for the sake of "race and religion".

What a grand excuse. Only desperadoes would think of such justifications.
8860: PAS leaders think they are the most pious Muslims in this country. In reality, they are being a disservice to Islam by supporting and condoning the corrupt Umno-BN.- Mkini

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