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Friday, May 12, 2017

America Home of the Brave, Singapore the Lion City, Malaysia Home For the Fugitives

This is from Free Malaysia Today :

India asks Interpol to issue red corner notice against Zakir Naik

May 12, 2017

Naik created ill-feelings between races in Malaysia
declared an international fugitive 
can be arrested by any agency around the world

KL : India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) approached Interpol 
to issue Red Corner Notice (RCN) against controversial Zakir Naik
Interpol approached after 10-month long investigation 

all charges against him substantiated

Naik fled India after July 1, 2016 Dhaka attackers claimed inspired by him

Naik probed for terror and money laundering charges
hiding in United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia
keeps moving between Malaysia / Indonesia

Interpol RCN means he will be declared international fugitive 
could be arrested by any agency around the world

NIA found Naik owned 37 properties, worth RM67 million
non-bailable warrant issued against Naik

court in Mumbai said  Naik evading arrest 
he will not voluntarily appear before the court 
court found substance in allegations by NIA

Naik given PR in Malaysia five years ago 
activities in M'sia resulted in ill-feelings between races
calls for him to be barred from entering Malaysia 

Naik accused of spreading hatred by provocative speeches
funding terrorists and laundering several millions of money 

His IRF Foundation and Peace TV banned by the govt

My comments :  Here is something interesting folks. Talk is those three islands in Terengganu were not offered FREE to Zakir Naik. 

People say that Zakir Naik offered to buy those three islands FOR CASH.  

Mamak itu ada banyak duit. 

Anyway, not too long ago Malaysia requested Interpol to issue a Red Notice against Claire Rewcastle Brown - the 'white woman' who publishes the Sarawak Report. Interpol threw the Malaysian request into the dustbin - most likely because it was too stupid a request.

The point is Malaysia has been one of the 190 member states of the Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) for a long time. 

So now, if Interpol grants India's request for a Red Notice against Zakir Naik, and if Zakir Naik is still in Malaysia, then Malaysia will be obliged to accede to Interpol's Red Notice request.

IGP Khalid Bakar will have to arrest Zakir Naik and send him back to India. 
There can be no excuses. 

The Kabilah DNA Bahalol cannot be that stupid as to risk Malaysia's standing with the Interpol just to protect the backside of some Indian fugitive fellow. 

What does Malaysia get in return?  Or maybe they are really stupid. 

Here is more news from FMT  about Zakir Naik's links with ISIS terrorists :

24 Indian youths who joined ISIS seen at Zakir Naik’s office
May 12, 2017

judicial tribunal in India upholds ban on Naik’s IRF Foundation
enough evidence to show his actions are security threat
including threat to India’s security

evidence included preacher’s speeches
24 youths joined ISIS were regulars at IRF’s office in Mumbai

speeches delivered by Naik - provocative and derogatory

Naik using IRF as platform to propagate radical Islam
tribunal took grim view of “enduring impact” of Naik’s provocative speeches
inspired attackers at Dhaka’s Holey Artisan Bakery in 2016”.

Naik failed to participate in legal proceedings and absconded, untraceable

Delhi Court upheld govt’s decision to ban IRF to safeguard national security

Naik granted Malaysian PR status five years ago
has been in and out of Malaysia frequently.

His presence here caused ill-feelings among various religions
leading to heated verbal exchanges 

India’s NIA has approached Interpol to issue a Red Notice against Zakir

Naik will be declared an international fugitive 
could be arrested by any agency around the world.

My comments :  The National Intelligence Agency of India is quite sharp. If they say that 24 ISIS terrorists frequently hung out at Zakir Naik's office in Mumbai they are most likely relying on surveillance - they must have photographs, video and possibly audio as well. 

If the Red Notice is issued then Zakir Naik will be arrested by any of the 190 nations that are members of the Interpol.

For your information, there are only SEVEN countries that are NOT members of the Interpol. They are :    North Korea, Kiribati,  Micronesia,  Palau,  Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and  Vanuatu.

Here is a touristy picture of a Solomon Islander : 

Solomon Islands head hunter

Conclusion :  Why are you folks so stupid?  

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