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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Azmin not sacking excos as he fears PAS, says Noh

Selangor menteri besar Mohamed Azmin Ali is maintaining his present crop of exco members because he is afraid of PAS.
That was Selangor Umno chief Noh Omar's conclusion, after Azmin announced yesterday that he will not reshuffle his cabinet and the current excos will serve out the remainder of their terms.
"I read the MB's statement yesterday that he will maintain his excos. This shows that Azmin is more afraid of PAS because he recognises PAS' strength.
"I see that he is more scared of PAS and does not respect DAP and Amanah because PAS has cut off all ties with DAP and Amanah," Noh said in a press conference after he attended an event in conjunction with Umno's 71st anniversary in Shah Alam today.
He said without PAS in the opposition coalition, even Bersih rally attendance has decreased. 
That is why Azmin knows PAS has its clout, Noh speculated. 
"That is why, even though PAS has cut off ties with DAP and Amanah, but Azmin will not appoint Amanah as exco," he said. 
Azmin is using DAP and Amanah to strengthen his position, he said, which is why the Selangor government right now is in disarray and everyone is only looking out for their own political interests.
"The MB, he's not thinking of the rakyat's issues. He is thinking of his position as MB," Noh said.
"Even though the parties say they cannot be together anymore and they have split, but because they (the excos) care more about their positions, they remain in this government which is in disarray," he added. 

Azmin had yesterday said that although PAS had broken ties with PKR, he had to respect the wishes of the electorate who voted for PAS.
Azmin's cabinet currently has three PAS lawmakers. The deputy speaker of the Selangor legislative assembly is also a PAS member.
Previously, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had speculated that the Selangor government might fall as PAS had cut off ties with PKR.- Mkini

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