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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bukan Saja "Melayu Harapkan Arab, Arab Lupakan Melayu" But This Is A Bad Omen . . .

The above is from FMT:

Its a slap in the face for Chief Thi_f.  Trump is visiting Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are making a big thing out of this. They are inviting other Islamic heads of state to a mini summit with Trump. Malaysia is not invited. Here be the news :

Arab-Islamic-American Summit in Riyadh on May 20-21

Muslim leaders invited to summit with Trump

AFP | May 10, 2017

Jordan, Algeria, Niger invited by Saudi for summit 

Trump visit to Saudi an effort to reset relations with Muslim world.

separate meeting between monarchs of 6 nation GCC and Trump

Salman asked Mansour Hadi and Morocco’s King Mohammed to attend

leaders of Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, Tunisia also received invitations

Trump’s first foreign stop since becoming president in January

clear message that US and Arab, Islamic countries can form partnership

My comments :  9 countries have been invited. Niger? Jordan? Pakistan? Tunisia? Algeria?  

Where is Malaysia ?

Pakistan is NOT an Arab country. Pakistan is in the Indian subcontinent. 
Niger is NOT an Arab country. Niger is in West Africa. 

Most certainly this is an initiative by the White House. 
It looks like a brilliant plan by Trump. 
In one single summit he gets to meet all the relevant Muslim heads of State. 

Lets dissect this a little. 

Jordan is a 'front-line' Arab state in the Arab Israeli conflict. 

Algeria is ex French colony, a big hitter in Francophone North Africa. 

Niger is Francophone and also representative of Africa.

Tunisia, Morocco are North African, Francophone, Tunisia is a budding democracy

Turkey and Iraq are at the center of the conflict universe now 

Pakistan is an American puppet show gone wrong. Relevant to keeping Saudis afloat.

Trump is indeed meeting a huge cross section of the Muslim world - all the way to the Indian subcontinent.

Where is Malaysia? 

Here is the bad omen. I think the White House is carefully avoiding MO1. Because soon that court action by the DOJ is going to flare up again. Also in Switzerland. 

Who wants to invite a kleptocrat who will likely go to jail somewhere?  

I think the White House would have closely scrutinised the invitation list.  

And told the Saudis to drop MO1 from the invitations.

Oh well.

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