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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Explain role of Najib's sons in China trip, Ali Hamsa told

More questions have been raised on the participation of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's son Norashman and stepson Riza Aziz in official government working visits abroad.
Khairuddin Abu Hassan said in a statement today chief secretary to the government Ali Hamsa should explain the reasons for their presence at a function Najib attended in Hangzhou, China, during a brief stopover while on the way to Beijing for a five-day working visit.
"Can the chief secretary explain, to all 30 million Malaysians, what positions in the government these two children hold?
"Are they holding any current government post, because their sitting arrangement in the function appears to imply that they too hold high positions?" Khairuddin asked.
Najib was in Hangzhou last Friday to gain insight on the operations of China's e-trade giant Alibaba Group from its founder Jack Ma.
While news reports stated that Najib was accompanied by his wife Rosmah Mansor, Khairuddin referred to a photograph that showed both Norashman and Riza (photo) sitting in the second row, behind the prime minister and Ma.
Norashman himself had posted about the visit to Alibaba's office on his personal Instagram account, which has been restricted to private setting.
Khairuddin, who is now acting as coordinator for the Citizens' Declaration movement, also further questioned whether the costs of travels for Najib's son and stepson were also covered by the government.
"If their costs are covered by the government, this is against the law and has conflict of interest elements as well as abuse of power," he stressed.

"The prime minister's children are not supposed to be present during a government to government meeting or briefing because they are not government officers," said Khairuddin in urging the chief secretary to clarify the exact nature of Najib's function in Hangzhou.
Ma was appointed as a digital economy adviser for the Malaysian government on Nov 4 last year.
Last November, PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli also questioned why both Norashman and Riza were on the government's official jet to China.- Mkini

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