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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Guan Eng says he would have tried to stop slap incident

If a slapping incident took place in front of him, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said he would not be just "standing there as if it was none of his business."
Lim said he would try to stop the incident from happening as there is "no excuse for violence".
"I would lodge a police report. The person who got slapped should also lodge a police report so action can be taken," said the DAP secretary-general.
"What happened in front of the prime minister last night gave the impression that violence can be used on certain Malaysians," he added.
Asked what he meant by "certain" Malaysians, Lim said this included minorities and opposition leaders or members who come from all races.
Videos of the incident, which happened in front of Premier Najib Razak at a National Transformation 50 (TN50) dialogue in Seri Perdana last night, have gone viral, with netizens firing away at the individuals involved in the fight.
It occurred between comedian Sulaiman Yassin, also known as Mat Over, and film director David Teo, who was accused of being "rude" to the prime minister.
Teo was seen approaching Najib on stage, to complain that the moderator Rosyam Nor was selective in allowing participants to express their views.
Teo was eventually allowed to speak, and started his question by reciting a poem, when he was smacked by Sulaiman. The latter's hand landed on Teo's left arm.
A brief scuffle between Sulaiman and Teo ensued but all was well later when they made peace in front of Najib.
This did not stop Lim from condemning the actor for disrespecting the country’s top leader with his aggressive action.
"Does this mean, if you cannot win an argument, you can use violence? This is wrong.

"It is a sad reflection of what is happening in this country; it looks like it is an open season to use violence against certain Malaysians."
Accompanying Lim at the press conference was state executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo who also urged Najib to lodge a police report over the incident.
"It happened in front of none other than Najib, he should stand as witness to this unbecoming behavior which the whole country has witnessed," said the Dato Keramat assemblyperson. -Mkini

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