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Monday, May 15, 2017

I Told You So - Moro militants have been sighted in Sabah again.

LAHAD DATU: Police investigating 5 heavily armed men in Felda Sahabat 

men armed with M60 machine gun, M16, M14 rifles 

at about 6.20pm, on April 30.

5 clad in camouflage pants, boots, sling bag, red cloth around shoulders

police report lodged at Cenderawasih police station in Felda Sahabat

Sabah Police confirmed report received

probe currently underway

52-yr-old farmer spotted men after hearing people talking

two men approached and asked farmer if Filipino or Indon

men speaking Malay with Filipino accent

farmer replied he was Filipino 
five men began speaking Tagalog
telling him their presence was harmless

claimed they had no bad intention 
not going to cause any trouble 
were there to save people of Sabah

They claimed 37 colleagues had landed
five armed men then left vicinity

farmer related incident to friend before lodging police report
Feb 2013, Filipino gunmen entered Tanduo at Sahabat 16 to claim Sabah

My comments : The report sounds authentic. This event happened 16 days ago on April30th.  Obviously nothing more serious has happened. 

It could have been Filipino special forces on "hot pursuit".  Maybe thats why there is no more news from the Police. 

Or it really was a group of MORO militants, which is more likely. How come they can just walk in and out of Sabah at will? What happened to those hundreds of millions spent to beef up security in Sabah?

On May 9, 2017  I blogged the following :

It looks like this "incursion" took place even before I last raised this issue.

My point was (and still is) each time there is some meddling or muddling in the never ending "peace process" in Mindanao, the militant factions that are "left out" of the processretaliate with some action.   

After the failure of the Mindanao Peace Process brokered by Malaysia, now the Saudi Arabians have stepped in.  There was a meeting among some of the Moro factions in Jeddah on May 8th.

I think this intrusion on April 30th was a warning of what could happen. Most likely Abu Sayyaf and/or Nur Misuari again. 

We are not being serious about this at all. 

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