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Sunday, May 14, 2017


(The Star) – PAS has accused PKR of treachery and betrayal which led to their political ties being severed.
PAS central committee member Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz said the recent muktamar concluded that PKR is guilty of an act of treachery, not only once but several times, and the party had betrayed the pact.
He said this in his latest posting on Facebook to explain the move by PAS’ Syura Council to cut ties with PKR.
“Let the people or voters judge us for making this decision which was in accordance to Islam,” he said.
Nik Abduh, who is Pasir Mas MP, said Islam encourages political cooperation either with a friend or the enemy for the common good of the people.
He, however, said treachery is something that cannot be compromised in the religion, and it is an act of betrayal of the highest order.
“It not only violates human principles but also religious beliefs. That is why we sit and discuss, have dialogues to bridge our differences.
“An act of treachery is an enemy of any political cooperation (tahaluf siyasi) and all Muslims have been taught to keep their promises and be loyal to each other.
“Islam is against those who break promises to the detriment of others,” he said in the posting on Saturday.
Nik Abduh added that PAS needs to be certain on two important aspects of the political cooperation.
“One is to be loyal to its partners to the extent of defending the pact like soldiers on the battlefield to ensure victory for all.
“The second aspect is to ensure friends within the pact do not betray the agreement that will void the original understanding,” he said.
On Thursday, the council cited PKR’s failure to support PAS’ Islamic agenda, including the RUU355 issue, as the reason to sever ties.
Other reasons were that PKR is planning to work with parties which are out to topple the Kelantan government and for going against PAS in the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-election.

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