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Friday, May 19, 2017

PAS’ words may come back to haunt them in GE14

YOURSAY | PAS had better believe that ‘the truth is out there in GE14’.
Kim Quek: The actual power behind the ‘pro-Umno, anti-Pakatan Harapan’ drive is its president Abdul Hadi Awang; the so-called ‘group of five' - PAS election director Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar, PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan, PAS lawmakers Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali and Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz and PAS research director Ahmad Zuhdi Marzuki - are mere minions.
Unless Hadi is removed from power in PAS, Harapan’s attempts at cooperation with PAS are unlikely to be fruitful.
6th Generation Immigrant: Whether or not we believe in aliens or alienation, PAS had better believe that "the truth is out there in GE14".
They must surely know and accept that it shall be the voters who will eventually judge, yesterday, today and tomorrow, on everything uttered by PAS thus far.
With a simple ‘X’ from the voters, everything that Hadi and his five staunch supporters had said shall either be validated or rejected; and we do not require the Supreme Being for that, just plain and simple people.
Voice: It looks like PAS is not sincere at all. If you are sending people to talk to the opposition, then you should not have been sending people to wreck it at the same time.
Is the opposition side also doing the same? So, what kind of drama is PAS staging? For whatever reason, Pakatan should not wait for any outcome and prepare to go all out in Kelantan and Terengganu and even with the ambition of capturing them from PAS.
If PAS had indeed governed Kelantan based on Islamic principles, Kelantan would be the most prosperous state in Malaysia.
It is shameful for PAS to even call itself an Islamic party when its agenda is only championing Hadi's version of hudud.
Forget PAS. Let them dig their own grave.
Anonymous_1421806811: Bersatu strategist Rais Hussin Mohamed Ariff, there is no need to talk Islam with a party whose actions state otherwise.
Just ask them directly, "Berapa Umno janji?" and "Berapa kau mahu?"
Anonymous #13114320: From the sound of it, it is affirmed that they had all the intention to work with Umno this time round. Some deal must have been forged to wreck the opposition’s chances.
In the end, they got something in return for every three-cornered fight between the parties and BN wins.
This is why they are so keen to fight in so many seats though they already know their chances there are slim.
Hornbill: Forgive the five PAS youngsters for they are aiming to hold important positions under the new 'unity government' formed by the merger between their two parties.
They are no different from the majority of Umno Baru members who join politics, the motive is material gain from this world.
Nik Abduh is the opposite of his father, Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat, who was genuine in his struggle with Pakatan Rakyat.
PAS will suffer their greatest defeat in the next GE. People, reject both BN and PAS.
Goldee: PAS is no longer so ‘holy’ after the demise of Nik Aziz. Its current leaders betrayed the trust of the people who had voted for them in GE13.
They are fond of backstabbing others, in particular DAP, who had helped them in GE13. I will never and ever give my vote to them.
Headhunter: It's time to attack and expose PAS for what they are. If PAS is banking on their members coming out in full force in the 14th general election, I think they will be in for a shock and disappointment.
6th Generation Immigrant: "We don't need to quarrel, move on, let the people decide who will take care of their future in the 14th general election" (said former PKR leader Saiful Izham Ramli) is indeed an eye-opener for all politicians.
The above statement is honest and confident politicking, and that surely must be the way all the ‘opposition parties’ to garner for the people’s trust and support, not positions.
Political parties are the vehicles of the people, while it is the electorates that fuel them - so which one is more important?
Remember, we can elect 222 non-political representatives for Parliament, after all almost all Malaysians are already aligned in loss of faith in politicians as it is today.
And then, when Parliament convenes after GE 14, we let the one and only MP or senator who can command the majority support and respect in Parliament be the PM, who then selects his cabinet from wherever.
They do not have to be politicians, technocrats will suffice. Wake up, all politicians.
Hang Tuah PJ: I don’t expect the PAS people to relinquish their positions in Selangor. Big bucks supposedly to be made here. Kelantan is chicken feed. Resign or don’t resign doesn’t make any difference, huh, Nik Abduh?
Nippon: Totally agree. Those PKR politicians appointed to positions in Kelantan should resign and give them back to the ulama.
PKR doesn't need those positions. But PAS needs to do the same in Selangor.
Mosquitobrain: PAS is the thorn among the roses in Pakatan Rakyat. PAS new leaders were over-ambitious, insincere and power crazy. After seeing they couldn't’t get any head start from the strong opposition pact, it broke off ties, first with DAP and now with PKR.
PKR has bitten the bullet and quit all political appointments in the PAS-led Kelantan government. Power-crazy PAS, in return, did not have the courage and honour to ask its three state assembly representatives to quit the Selangor government.

According to them, the 'quit' instruction must come from the sultan!
Rick Teo: You can no longer stay in the same house after the divorce. So PAS should just practice what it preaches.- Mkini

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