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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Why is MACC so chummy with Umno?

For the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to congratulate Umno on its 71st anniversary is uncalled for. The MACC is a government body and its budget is from public funds. Its job includes ensuring that Umno officers and members are not involved in corrupt practices.
Thus congratulating Umno undermines its own function of ensuring that none in Umno, however high and mighty they might be, are not involved in corrupt practices of any kind.
This action of the MACC begs the question why it had to supposedly ‘bodek’ the political party over which it is supposed to be a watchdog?
It is the function of the MACC to curb corruption by using the laws at its disposal. But here we have the MACC not just calling upon the dominant ruling part to fight corruption, but relying heavily on it do so.
  • “Umno leaders must ensure they execute their duties with integrity and stay away from graft and abuse of power.”
  • “Umno leaders should give emphasis on fighting corruption and abuse of power so that they can be a role model to the next generation who will take over the country.”
  • “They will play a significant role in making progress in an ethical society that is free of corruption and abuse of power.”
A true graft-buster will not make such congratulatory statements, but teach the politicians to be honest by applying the law to them without fear or favour, by sending them to prison if need be.
The powers of the MACC director-general (DG) surely include throwing the book at all corrupted persons without fear or favour. When he shows himself to be so chummy with Umno, will he throw the book at Umno politicians who are not clean?
How high do the MACC DG’s powers reach - even to those who are higher up than him in the hierarchy, up to those who are of equal rank as himself, or only to those lower in rank and status than himself?
Has he not got a political master to whom he answers?
Yes, the MACC is suddenly seen to be so efficient, arresting people every week. This is in stark contrast to the time of the former DG Abu Kassim Mohamed who told the nation that government servants who had paid exorbitant prices for government procurement were just “stupid” people and since stupidity was not an offence, he could not take any action against them.
It is not the numbers and photos of those arrested that we want to see, but the number and percentage of those arrested being charged, convicted and jailed. So the MACC must ensure the courts do not free them of the charges one by one for lack of evidence, witnesses, etc lest the public’s perception that all the arrests are probably a pre-election show to boost the image of the BN government and win it some crucial votes are true.- Mkini

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