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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

EC cannot be an extra player on the field scoring goals for BN

YOURSAY | ‘And it can’t be a referee where one party wins at all costs’
Rupert16: Election Commission (EC) chief Hashim Abdullah said he will hold no grudge against his critics for calling him a lackey (‘macai’) of a political party. Using the analogy of a football match, Hashim said the aim was to win despite injuries to players.
Hashim has indeed missed the point. The analogy that he used about scoring goals shows that he is indeed nothing but an Umno-BN lackey.
If he does not understand his role in the EC, let me remind him - the role of the EC is to be the impartial referee in anything involving the country's voters and elections. He should not act as an extra player scoring goals for Umno-BN.
Fairman: What sort of a stupid football analogy by Hashim is this? As a referee, you must conduct a free and fair election. But you are umpiring the game to ensure one party wins at all costs.
And you have the cheek to say you take instructions from the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.
Anonymous 2450121480909934: What's Hashim talking about? He's the referee of the game and he's expected to be fair, unbiased, and support neither team.
FairMind: Your job is not to score or to be a referee, linesman or football player. Your job is to organise a football competition and you have to do just that without bias, fuss or favour.
You do not treat EC as your personal shop where you can open and close your shop as you wish, and treat your customers differently.
If you can't do your job objectively and properly, then resign and let other more qualified people do the job.
Jack and Jill: I don't understand Hashim’s analogy at all. It's scary that this guy is the head of the EC.
Vgeorgemy: People resort to cheating when they know they can’t win on a level playing field. This is the concern the rakyat has with the EC.
So, don’t shy away from your constitutional duties, such as providing adequate resources and time to check the electoral rolls.
681 Porky Pies: Of course, you cannot hold any grudge against your critics because whatever said about you is the truth. If the referees and linesmen are biased, people will protest.
Anonymous 142981436410664: Hashim said that he had “no feelings”, and that people who called him a ‘macai’ would not leave him dispirited, which means that he is admitting that he is actually a ‘macai’.
If he had any feelings, surely he would have refuted the allegation. My goodness, what kind of people do we have running important agencies like the EC?
Mosquito Brain: Hashim, we're not interested in your lousy football analogy. Stop being snobbish.
The EC is not a football that can be kicked here and there by your master. We're more interested in seeing you perform sincerely, professionally and fairly.
At the end of the day, you're not answerable to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak aka MO1, but to your Creator.
Worldly Wise: The foundation on which democracy rests is the integrity of the individual. That is why we have the “one person, one vote” principle.
Hopefully, the EC chairperson and his staff have integrity. The fate of the country is in their hands.
Peacemaker: Hashim has dismissed the need to work with the electoral watchdog Bersih. He said this was because EC officers had been sent abroad to learn about the election process in other countries, and therefore possessed the adequate experience to handle Malaysian elections.
The only experience that the EC has had is allegedly cheating the Malaysian voters and abetting Umno and its crony parties in winning every election since 1963.
Disproportionality of constituency sizes, gerrymandering and turning a blind eye to voter intimidation and vote-buying are just some of the expertise of the EC.
Kim Quek: This EC chief is the worst in Malaysian history – thick-skinned and completely immune to brickbats; an allegedly ruthless and daring cheater with no moral constraints whatsoever who will do anything to ensure an Umno-BN win; and above all, doggedly loyal to Umno.
The opposition, Bersih and civil society have to get together to brainstorm an effective strategy to minimise damage to our electoral rolls and the election process.
The most urgent task at this moment is to intensify the campaign to get the four million mostly young eligible voters to go to the post offices and EC offices to get themselves registered.
Anonymous 539281478077880: The EC is a "useless one" who would send its officers overseas to learn the art of cheating the opposition. They are a disgrace in all their "wrongdoings" to make the people think they are "fair" in their work.
In every election, many opposition parties have felt the pain of the EC not being fair in all their dealings. The same will happen in this election as the EC are the "lapdogs" of the ruling party. No one can deny this.
Anonymous 1388029052: If Malaysians have an EC chief who talks like that, then it's time to change to a new one who is impartial, and willing to learn and engage with all stakeholders so that our election process is the pride of the people.
For a start, let Hashim make a trip to India and learn from the Indians.
Shove ln Nose: Hashim, cockiness and arrogance will get you nowhere.
At the end of the day, the EC was meant to be an independent body to oversee the democratic election of representatives to be the people's collective leaders.

It's certainly not meant for certain quarters to grab, retain, and be entrenched in power by a chokehold. The EC has been a proxy and assisting this segment of society all these years.- Mkini

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