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Monday, June 12, 2017

Good show, but jury still out on MACC’s raid of FGV

YOURSAY | ‘Can the rakyat rely on the AG to charge the real culprits, regardless of position or standing?’
Kim Quek: I can’t help but feel a sense of déjà vu. This big scene at the Felda headquarters evokes memory of the early days of the 1MDB scandal when it exploded with the revelation of the infamous RM2.6 billion in PM’s personal bank account in early July 2015.
Offices of 1MDB, SRC International, and its linked companies were raided and truckloads of documents and computers were carted away for investigation by the Special Task Force comprising Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), police, Bank Negara and the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), which swung promptly into action with a big bang then.
Two years later, there is only pin-drop silence among these eminent law-enforcing institutions, with not even one single culprit identified, not to mention charged and convicted.
The official position still is: Nothing has been stolen from 1MDB. 1MDB is doing fine. Full stop.
So, brace yourself for disappointment from our law enforcers. However, it does not mean that we should treat the current Felda scandal lightly.
Just the opposite, if properly utilised, it will open the eyes of a critical sector of our electorate - in time for GE14.
Dont Just Talk: MACC, please carry out your duties and your oaths without fear or favour. Malaysians are watching the outcome of this Felda Global Ventures (FGV) corruption investigation.
Hopefully, the outcome will not end up like the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) investigations on 1MDB financial scandal, which leaves much to be desired.
Worldly Wise: Did the MACC officers know anything about the business of FGV? There seems to have been plenty of brawn power. Hope there was brain power too.
FGV chairperson Isa Samad who caused RM4.4 billion of shareholders’ funds to flow out of the initial public funds of RM6 billion, and made political donations to Felda settlers, has not been charged.
Can the rakyat rely on the AG to charge true culprits, regardless of position or standing?
Anonymous 2443871479002035: Sorry, FGV chief executive office Zakaria Arshad. Who will have the last say?
In this case, it's Isa, who is firmly entrenched in the allegedly corrupt hierarchy. You are just an irritant and thus, disposable.
Anonymous 759201436321741: Right now, all I can say is that Isa has his back against the wall. He will fight tooth and nail like he used to as a politician.
But unfortunately for him, unlike in politics where there is no paper or money trail, no doubt Zakaria has handed sufficient documentary evidence to MACC for them to send in 40 officers to Felda HQ.
The big question is whether MACC has the teeth to go after the big fish.
Anonymous 2443871479002035: As Shakespeare said: "Full of sound and fury signifying nothing."
At the end of the day, after all the files have been handed to MACC, they will be stamped "No Further Action." Isa is protected. Everyone knows that. So why the ‘wayang’?
Multi Racial: Umno removed Isa from the Umno vice-president’s post and prevented him from contesting the deputy president’s post in 2005 because of corruption.
In spite of that, Najib appointed him chairperson of FGV. Najib should take the responsibility for the mistake and stop FGV from further bleeding by terminating Isa’s service.
It will do a lot of good if this man does not hold any position in any board or management of listed companies, associations, societies, etc.
Avatar 111: This is the results of appointing someone incompetent for a position. After causing massive haemorrhage to a public company, they still have the cheek to say they commit no wrong, and yet they still continue getting fat pays and benefits while the rot continues.
6th Generation Immigrant: The FGV members should and must quickly sack the board and administrators. There is no need to look for foreigners to helm and rehash FGV.
Allow our local Indians, Chinese, East Malaysians, apolitical Malays to be employed to come and help our Malay pioneer settlers.
These people do not need to own the company, the stemming of leakages and corruption will ensure that they will be rewarded.
Anonymous 2350931441161169: Why is the inspector-general of police (IGP) offering excuses for the PM, instead of carrying out a simple investigation?
In case the IGP is not knowledgeable in bank processes, my suggestions are:
1. Ask AmBank for the related bank statements which should show the two cheque payments.
2. Request Bank Negara, the central bank, to provide confirmation of the payments. If those transaction records have not been erased, purged from AmBank and Bank Negara’s records, the RM9.5 million payment could be easily confirmed.
Discovery: We have two IGPs - one former, one current - who behave as if they are spokespersons for MO1.
One claimed that Sarawak Report is an unreliable website because MO1 have purportedly closed the account, so how then could he undertake transfers.
The second IGP dared Sarawak Report editor Claire Rewcastle Brown to come to Malaysia to testify if her claims about the RM9.5 million transfer to a certain lawyer by MO1 as alleged in her website are true.
What's wrong with these two men? Instead of helping the nation to get to the bottom of such serious allegations and nab or help nab the suspects involved if the allegations are true, they instead became spokespersons of MO1.

High Income Nation: MO1 asked us not to believe in fake news. He urged us to verify every news but when they (Malaysiakini) called his office to verify on the RM9.6 million payment, he went silent.
How to not trust fake news? -Mkini

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