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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hisham is right, DOJ must charge wrongdoers

YOURSAY | ‘Is he playing Brutus? Once the DOJ presses charges, Mr and Mrs MO1 would be kaput.’
Anonymous 2436471476414726: They are falling among themselves to see who could come out with the best spin. First Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak, then Special Affairs Department director-general Mohd Puad Zarkashi and now Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.
Hishammuddin though is an exception, he seems to be the one with some grey matter up there. But then again, he does not even know who 'Malaysian Official 1' (MO1) is. Unbelievable!
He was quoted as saying that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is just making statements after statements but not taking action. He should know that the DOJ is taking action by going to court to seize the assets procured with allegedly stolen money.
They do this first to ensure the co-conspirators do not behave like squirrels and stash the ill-gotten proceeds when they are charged in court later.
Good try, but your attempt to create doubts in the minds of the public does not work.
Anonymous 29051438068738: OK Hisham, I can sense your dilemma. You dare not dare your cousin to do the things suggested as yet, not with the seat you so covet almost within your grasp.
Perhaps you might do what Malaysiakini subscriber Odin Tajué has alluded to - that thing about the keris. Given that you have raised one before in the comforting company of your comrades, would you do an encore?
This time, do it in front of the US embassy. A picture of you with a keris held aloft outside the embassy gates would immortalise your party's "ketuanan" for all time and establish you as the natural choice to take over.
SusahKes: May I ask, what would happen if the DOJ takes up your call and actually names MO1 and his beloved pink diamond-wearing wife? Let's see now... Oh yes! That would most certainly and without any shadow of a doubt, name, shame, and above all, incriminate MO1 on all things pertaining to 1MDB!
That would convince the rural voters that MO1 is 'you-know-who' or convince them that there never was a generous 'Arab donor'. After that, MO1 would face even greater pressure to pack up, which would be followed by the search for a replacement.
Now, where would the cousin be on the pecking order? Whoops, are we onto something here?
Kingfisher: Mr Hishammuddin, as a senior cabinet minister, has raised a reasonable question concerning the need to identify and charge the remaining specifically unnamed alleged wrongdoers in the 1MDB operations indicated in the DOJ report and assets seizures.
This is a valid request for the DOJ to respond appropriately. This request for clarity and finality would not descend into strife between sovereign nations as naming individuals of bad repute if true in evidence should not in any sense constitute blame shaming nations.
Goldee: The DOJ is seizing all the assets and money it claims has been stolen from the people and country, in hope of returning it to Malaysians, but here we have cabinet ministers who are trying to discredit the DOJ.
The evidence is now out in the open, and we have ministers trying to defend the culprits.
Joe Lee: Fair point Mr Minister. But I am sure that the DOJ will get to MO1 eventually.
Meanwhile, tycoon Jho Low and Prime Minister Najib Razak's stepson Riza Aziz have been named in their suits. Can the cabinet please direct the attorney-general to commence proceedings against these two individuals?
Or should we instead have a lynch mob ready to hang them from a lamp post for stealing billions from the people of Malaysia? Boleh, tak?
KnockKnock: Reading between the lines, I noticed that Hisham is seriously encouraging DOJ to drag those involved to answer questions in courts. That's a good move Hisham. Hopefully the bait works.
Headhunter: Is he playing Brutus? Once the DOJ presses charges, MO1 and Mrs MO1 would be kaput.
Negarawan: Instead of aggressively working with the DOJ to repatriate all the stolen assets that belong to the people of Malaysia, we see these Umno ministers, appointed based on their blind loyalty rather than merit, trying to persecute the whistleblowers.
This is highly representative of a failed and kleptocratic state.
The Analyser: Is it necessary to plow through 90 of your mindless and vindictive comments to point out that the US DOJ has no jurisdiction in Malaysia?
Hishammuddin would know this, so his comment was made specifically to bait the fools. And as usual the bait worked and the fools made fools of themselves.

Hope: This is the man that would most probably end up as PM. Good luck to all Malaysians.- Mkini

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