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Monday, June 12, 2017

Not exactly Ramadan spirit in Kluang bazaar

YOURSAY | ‘They only bring shame to themselves and tarnish the good name of Islam.’
Versey: What kind of religious education or culture that produces followers that have no respect for courtesy, civility and kindness shown by their fellow people?
It's obvious to all that those who were distributing dates to the public opt for civility and grace but not those who obstructed them.
The latter who behaved so badly reflects very poorly on their religious education and family upbringing, yet it's always this same kind of people who blame the world for not respecting their professed faith.
Dont Just Talk: Those few red T-shirt Muslims have behaved badly in the holy month of Ramadan by roughing up and preventing Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong and his entourage from distributing dates to the Muslims in his constituency, with a few shouting "Allahu Akbar", indeed made a fool of themselves.
Appum: It’s sad to witness events like these after 60 years of independence. What is the Global Movement of the Moderates leader doing about this?
Anonymous 2436471476414726: The troublemakers in the video are either Umno people or their hired hands. They only bring shame to themselves and tarnish the good name of Islam.
They are also insulting the voters who had elected Liew. In future, just ignore them for they are only practising what their leaders had taught them to do.
Sleepy: Many understand they are thugs-for-hire and their actions are not religious. But what irks many though is the inaction of the "silent majority" when thugs are "insulting" their religious obligations and teachings by their actions.
Existential Turd: Malaysia is getting to be more and more like the segregated America of yore. US had Jim Crow laws, we have syariah laws.
Already, some words are declared off-limits to the non-Muslims, some schools are reserved for the Malays, some places of worships are also no-go zones. Next, will be public transports, hospitals, etc, ostensibly to protect the Malays/Muslims from the "filthy" non-Malays.
You can't blame some Malays from acting as if they own everything when the government actively promotes such thinking.
Dr Suresh Kumar: You money-worshipping DAP racists, instead of distributing dates, you should distribute RM50 banknotes. Why insult those Malays with your dates? Serves you right.
Anonymous 2447171479801729: The person who told DAP to distribute RM50 banknotes is either a money worshipper or trying to insult the Malays as a ‘bangsa’ that don't know how to appreciate friendliness but as one who measures everything in terms of money.
Gaji Buta: "They were also shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the background." For distributing dates?
Something is really wrong. And they will continue to say these is not a reflection of Islamic values. What will happen when Muslims who do not 'reflect Islamic values' become the majority?
Anonymous #37634848: Why people blame the religion? These are products of the pasar malam. They are street thugs. Islam instructs its followers to practice utmost patience and civility. These people are Muslims only in names but ‘kafir’ in upbringing.
Ipohcrite: These bazaar traders acted like hooligans, and theirs is a repeat act from last year. Are they a law unto themselves?
When the enforcement authorities refused to act, viewing such matters through their politically-tinted glasses, the culprits are emboldened to continue with their thuggish behaviour year after year.
The enforcement authorities must act without fear or favour to bring the culprits to book or be condemned for dereliction of duty. Lame excuses by the offenders of being provoked should be rejected outright as no one is above the law.
Galiano: The way I see it, there is so much hatred against the minority races. The religion thingy is just an excuse to manifest hatred. Other countries have produced world beaters in sports and research, but we produce world beaters in samsenglogy!
Pg People: This is Islam of Malaysia and now the keeper of the Islamic council of each state, what have you to say? Is this the Islam to be practised in Malaysia? Now, who has crossed the line?
Clever Voter: Culture of hooliganism cuts across all ethnic groups, but increasingly been associated more with political parties.
Attacks on high-profile personalities are common, and these have not gone unnoticed. However, actions taken by authorities are perceived to be double standard. Tensions and uneasiness with the growing support for opposition have not made things easier.
Threats, intimidations and bullying are symptoms of the uneasiness over the so-called intrusion of political space that BN has ruled so comfortably for a very long time. Indeed, economics and politics are both intertwined, the system supports thousands of rent-seekers.
It is not surprising that such beneficiaries, including the red shirt supporters, will not be amused if the system is under threat. Such tension is unlikely to go away, and it is then up to the authorities to manage the consequences peacefully and responsibly.
Batu Api: Whether it's Ramadan or not, harassing or preventing a member of parliament for discharging his job is punishable to jail under the law.
Victor Johan: Why is the police investigation under Section 323 of the Penal Code for causing hurt and Section 506 for criminal intimidation?
Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo had cited Section 124 which states that it is an offence for anyone to wrongfully restrain or attempt to wrongfully restrain elected representatives from carrying out their duties.
He pointed out that anyone found guilty of an offence against the section shall be punished with up to seven years’ imprisonment and a fine.
CQ Muar: Those responsible for the ruckus against Liew at a Ramadan bazaar on Saturday was an absolute disgrace not only to those hooligans and bullies, but more importantly, to the religion in the holy month of Ramadan.
Their despicable behaviour was totally unacceptable and unwarranted towards an MP, whose responsibility is to discharge his duty expected of him in his constituency.
Liew has every right to serve, move around and carry out his duties as an MP free of harassment, intimidation and bodily harm.
Debater: Why PM Najib Razak and other Umno ministers give ang pow during Chinese New Year and attend their festivals even though they are not Islamic?

This showed that the racial and religious card played by Umno to get Malay support is playing into the hands of extremists.
Hopeless: I thought Bangsa Johor are better than this. -Mkini

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