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Thursday, August 3, 2017

The four Ps of Umno and five Os of Bersatu

Umno, according to one avid observer from Pekan, Pahang, has become obsessed with 3 Ps: Pangkat (their ranks), Poket (their pockets), Perut(their stomach)Kudos. Rarely can anyone see through the "fog of war," and Umno propaganda. But this person has, with the grace of God's enlightenment, seen through the organized hypocrisy of Umno from top to bottom.
Evidence? In spite of the gargantuan size of the corruption, no Umno divisions rebelled against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. Nearly 191 divisions, on their own volition, cast a blind eye to the alleged mismanagement and malfeasances of Najib; in spite of the stink that comes from 1MDB, FGV Global, Felda, Tabung Haji, EPF and the likes.
Nothing was sacred. Even the education budget and the scholarships of Mara students were pilfered. And if that wasn't enough, new entities like Permata and Global Movement of Moderates Foundation were created to reward either the wife of the prime minister or his supporters in PAS.
But Umno is run on a 4th P too: Pecat (sack)
When anyone refuses to buy into their lies, they fire them.
Be it Muhyiddin Yassin, Mukhriz Mahathir, or, even the senior officials in charge of the various investigations on a litany of 1MDB corruption and malfeasance, the actions from the top of Umno is as predictable as it is pernicious: just dismiss them wholesale.
There are others thinking that they can inch closer to the establishment, found themselves embarrassingly phased out within two months. Why? In Umno's circles, only the true cronies make it to the top.
This leads us to the Bersatu Five Os, which to those who like police drama, may remember Hawaii Five O.
Bersatu Five Os work on the principle that "old is gold." But, when need be, the Bersatu Five Os will work with the youth of all race, class, and gender. 75 percent of the youth in Malaysia are after all, under the age of 40. But they lack political guidance.
If asked, what is the difference between the PM's office and the PM's Department, they will say the same. Yet they are not. PM's Department is a motley collection of units that may seem important but are not. It is formed of some 50 agencies that are mostly dysfunctional.
PM's Office at Tingkat Lima (fifth floor) at Putrajaya is where the true power is. This is where the challenge against Najib, must be strongest as his team of special officers are placed there to spin and mislead the people.
1MDB has failed? No such thing. Don't listen to the opposition.
Even though the verdict is coming from the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Timesand Economist!
Bandar Malaysia cannot be sold at a premium? Another opposition lie. It is worth US$30 billion or more.
Yet, the opening bid of six Chinese and two Japanese companies are US$8-10 billion. One-third the actual value.
Felda down? No way. Government just gave RM1.588 billion; even though the share prices have dropped by 66 percent and dropping more!
That's what PM and his political secretaries do, with a quartet of weak and ‘playsafe’ politicians in the cabinet. Among them are Salleh Said Keruak, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Khairy Jamaluddin and Nazri Aziz.
The opposition is different. We are "old" (O) but gold. All have been tested by iron and fire.
The five Os are - Mahathir Mohammad, Muhyiddin Yassin, Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Lim Kit Siang.
While they may be advanced in age, their wisdom is gold. They command the respect of the regents, special branch, army and Malay reserves regiments, which are critical to maintaining peace.
Liew Chin Tong can work with all five stalwarts too, as is Nurul Izzah, Tony Pua, Syed Saddiq (Syed Abdul Rahman), Ong Kian Ming and myself.
While Mohammad Sabu, Baharom Aziz, and Khalid Samad are all top Members of Parliament. They are proven quality.
Umno is what Shakespeare would call a "pompous ass," like the character Polonius in Hamlet, father of Ophelia. Polonius went on and on about the merits of the King even though there was a huge suspicion that they King had usurped the role of Hamlet's father, and married his mom Queen Gertrude too.
In Hamlet, all the key characters died because they were not decisive in eliminating the source of the evil in King Claudius. Najib has lost his moral compass and standing to stay.

If the voters don't elect Harapan, Malaysia will end up with a sorry and tragic ending, as did Hamlet himself who was killed.

RAIS HUSSIN is Bersatu supreme council member and policy and strategy bureau head. - Mkini

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