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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, August 30, 2018

After Bungling "Parliamentary Reforms" Anwar Tukar Tune Jadi "Institutional Reforms" Pula, No Dr Mahathir Will Not Hand Over Power And Other Jungle Stories

Recall that just two weeks ago Anwar was crowing that he wanted to reform Parliament?  Here are some old headlines  :

Dr Mahathir's "successor"?  Says who? 

The Incoming PKR president said he will look after Parliament and handle reforms despite him not being in government yet?

Fuiyyo?? "despite him not being in government yet?" he wants to reform Parliament??  How does he propose to do that?

Then this Blog (yes thats me) pointed out two things that are wrong with Anwar's suggestion :

1. He does not understand the concept of separation of powers. The Legislature (Parliament) is independent of the Executive (Prime Minister, Cabinet etc) and the Judiciary (the Judges).  How can Anwar undertake Parliamentary reform? That is the job of the Speaker of the Parliament.  Rupanya dia tak tahu apa tugas dan tanggungjawab dia pun.

2.  He is now President of PKR which holds the largest number of Parliamentary seats. Plus he claims to be close to the DAP. So 49 + 42 = 91 Parliamentary seats. All Anwar has to do is get his OWN party, of which he is the President to exert their Parliamentary votes to get Parliament to pass new laws, including Parliamentary reform.  Hang nak reform apa? Just get your party and the DAP to vote for anything you want. 

I say kawan, you are now the Guru Besar. You are in charge. The buck stops with you. You do not go around complaining about parliamentary reforms. It is your responsibility to make the reforms.  No pointing fingers at others. You are responsible.

After I pointed this out Anwar has switched the tune to "institutional reform" ?? 

Pula !!  So what happpened to Parliamentary reform? Sudah kaput?

Now he wants "institutional reform" - which according to Anwar is "review of bumiputra policy".  

Here is the "LATEST" news :

Tuesday, 28 Aug 2018

Prime minister-designate ( ? ? ?) plan institutional reforms
including review of affirmative action for bumiputra

(OSTB : Prime minister-designate?? Says who? Star is bodekking the wrong homo-sapien. He must first get a Parliamentary seat to contest. His wife, daughter and other PKR MPs are refusing to even vacate a Parliamentary seat for him. Then after that he must win a By Election. What if Anwar loses the By Election? Has anyone thought about that? Or what if Anwar wins a By Election with a small margin? Still Prime minister-designate?  

How come Big Data Rafizi has NOT run a poll to see how many Malaysians will support Anwar for Prime Minister? One 'conventional wisdom' says only TWO out of TEN Malaysians will support Anwar for PM.  In Kelantan, Kedah, Sabah, Sarawak there is minimal support for Anwar.    Why not Rafizi run a Big Data survey on Anwar's popularity? Tak berani kut?)

interview with Nikkei Asian Review
71-yr-old Anwar said  "I (will) be in Parliament by October ."

"..impression I am trying to disturb.. Dr Mahathir" 

Anwar to play "check-and-balance" by institutional reforms 
review of bumiputra policy
"The policy has to stop," said Anwar.

return to original objective of alleviating bumiputra poverty  
help marginalised, minorities, bumiputras  

Anwar said improvements in state procurement 
fight corruption - anti-graft agency truly independent body

Malaysia he said, must live with .. gays, bisexuals, transgenders
"people have own sexual orientation,  up to them," said Anwar


My comments :  What is the connection with peoples' sexual orientation? What has that got to do with Anwar being PM of Malaysia? Relevant sangat ke isu gay and lesbian? Or is The Star just being naughty. 

These are just empty words.

How many new jobs can Anwar Ibrahim create in 12 months? What shall be the numbers of semi skilled, skilled, high tech, manual labour type jobs that he can create every 12 months? And how will he do it?

Will the tolls disappear or come down significantly? How do we intend to do it? Say something that we Malaysians do not know.

Parliamentary reform, institutional reform is kedai kopi gossip. We need real issues to be resolved. 

Ok now about Anwar worrying about Tun Dr Mahathir handing over power.

The answer is YES and NO. 

Yes Dr Mahathir will hand over power when he is good and ready.
Dr Mahathir's latest pronouncement is that even FIVE years may not be enough to correct all the wrongs in the country.
So Dr Mahathir will hand over power to a capable and worthy successor when the time is right.

But . .. . but . . .I am afraid Anwar Ibrahim is NOT in this picture.
No one in his right mind will hand over power to Anwar Ibrahim.
The saying is (and I quote) "He does not know anything".
How can you hand over power to someone who "does not know anything".  (This was that Friday conversation.)

So it is going to be a NO.

The smart money is on Mohd Azmin Ali. His star is rising.

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