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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Dr M: Perlis mufti 'deaf' to Harapan’s contributions to Islam

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has denied the accusation by Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin that Islam had come under threat after Pakatan Harapan came into power.
Pasal dia pekak (because he is deaf).
“[...] If he could hear, he would have heard about how we have done all sorts of things for Muslims and for Islam.
"But he can’t hear," he told the media when asked after attending the Asian Association of Management Organisations (AAMO) Gala Dinner in Kuala Lumpur tonight.
Earlier today, Asri, or Dr Maza as he is known, claimed on his Facebook page that many felt Islam had come under threat (makin terancam) under the Harapan administration. 
He also criticised the recent arrest of independent preacher Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu for allegedly insulting Hinduism in a sermon. 
"This is the reality we are seeing today. All kinds of statements are made by individuals in the government that insult Muslims and cause racial tension but are only called up to give their statement.
"Many cases where the Prophet Muhammad was insulted and Islam belittled also only saw perpetrators summoned to have their statement recorded.
"But a preacher who shared his personal experience in converting to Islam in a mosque in Kelantan which was only intended for Muslims ended up with an arrest," wrote Asri.
The popular preacher further claimed that the arrest testified to how Muslims were being “bullied” by the Harapan government.
“I don’t blame the police (for Zamri’s arrest). But this has happened because the present political reality allows Muslims to be bullied.
“We don't hear the current leaders defend Islam much except for a few. Where is the justice?” Asri asked.
“The reality has led the rakyat to realise how Islam is not in a safe place under the present administration." - Mkini

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