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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Yoursay: Exactly what threat to Islam is Ummah’s rally defending against?

YOURSAY | ‘Why all these imaginary fears? Do these people suffer from an inferiority complex?’
JW: Really? The Gerakan Pembela Ummah (Ummah) group wants to organise a rally to “defend Islam”? Against what or whom? No non-Muslims are challenging it.
Ummah wants to protest against the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the death of firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim, and the United Examination Certificate (UEC) issue.
How is UEC a threat to Islam? What have the members of this group been smoking? The education minister – who is a Malay-Muslim, by the way – has basically ‘deep sixed’ the issue.
In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, it means basically not willing to do anything to address its status using the nonsensical reason of needing more studies into the issue despite all the years of study and discussion of its recognition under BN rule.
As for the Rome Statute, or the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd) for that matter: does Ummah even know what these treaties are about? Or is the group just projecting its brainwashed nonsense?
Non-Muslims should actually ask Ummah and groups like it to stop making us look like jackasses on the world stage with their dumb statements about what these treaties are clearly not. But we have not done so.
Instead, all we ask is for these groups to look again into both policies instead of playing divisive politics.
All non-Muslims have seen is your inability or reluctance to reason and use objective evidence, as clearly stated in both documents, because you just want to play politics.
Vgeorgemy: When did the protection of humanity (Rome Statute), weak and marginalised segments of the population (Icerd) and education in the mother tongue of a segment of the population (UEC) become anti-Islamic?
Do they know what is the basis of their anger? It is called hate, intolerance, bigotry, fascism and racism. The planned protest has nothing to do with religion.
Proarte: ‘Defend Islam’ by rejecting an international charter meant to criminalise genocide, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing?
This is indeed very shocking, yet also very illuminating. What groups such as Ummah are implying here is that the religion condones such unspeakably evil acts.
Drngsc: Will Ummah also protest the money stolen from Lembaga Tabung Haji, please? Now taxpayers, non-Muslims included, have to pay back. Is that fair?
Fairnsquare: How misled can the people be? The real threat is that of the previous kleptocratic government that stole the rakyat's money, and nearly bringing the country to the verge of bankruptcy.
The same people are diverting the attention of the people to a non-existent threat. Are the rakyat going to allow themselves to be misled?
Kawak: This is a gathering of racists. The only groups that are threatening Islam are Umno and PAS.
Umno leaders stole the very money that was supposed to be used to help the Malays, while PAS is instigating Muslims against non-Muslims.
Ummah is fanning racial sentiments by blaming the Indians for the death of Adib. The politicisation of the Rome Statute is to get the support of the royalty.
I think the police should nab them for holding this gathering on the grounds of provoking racial hatred against non-Muslims.
Hopeful: Well, well, well. The fact that this ridiculous rally to ‘defend Islam’ is being held so soon with so little notice means that the Coroner’s Court is about to release its verdict on Adib’s death.
And we don’t need a spoiler warning for what the verdict is going to be – any sane, rational person who has been following the inquest knows what it is.
These clowns, now left unemployed since BN fell, are hoping to capitalise on the far-right populism they see blossoming in Europe and the US. However, the movement is losing steam, as voters in those countries find that they are still poor despite blaming immigrants or those of other races.
And the groups like Ummah here are a few years too late, and too dumb to really galvanise a crowd against the sitting government.
Harapan should audit Ummah’s finances, or at least those of component groups and expose it. Of course, we all know who is funding these groups, but it should be out in the open.
Citizen Zero: For the umpteenth time, Islam is not and has never been under threat. Same goes for the Malay race.
The only ones feeling threatened are the people like those in Ummah. Cowards whose only claim to respect and righteousness is by playing the victim in order to blackmail your simple-minded fellow citizens to stand behind you, so you can feel a little bit of that taste of arrogant power in place of sincere confidence you are so lacking because of how your backward leaders treat you.
You will forever fail and be a burden to us who work hard for a living and keep the country safe, guarded and going.
Anonymous 42891143455513: I always wonder what day jobs these people hold. How do they finance the daily living expenses of themselves and their families? What do they do? Who pays them?
Do they declare their income to the Inland Revenue Board (IRB)? Why are they able to take leave to rally so easily?
I also wonder how the UEC and Adib's unfortunate death impinges on the sovereignty of the nation? Also, a mystery why they are rallying against the Rome Statute when it has not been ratified by the government.
Why all these imaginary fears? Do these people suffer from an inferiority complex? Or are there hidden hands behind them? So much time wasted thinking about these unnecessary and stupid questions.
Gaji Buta: Pakatan Harapan must put a stop to this nonsense and not try to be overly politically correct to allow all sorts of rallies to be held under the guise of peaceful demonstration.
These rallies are intended to intimidate minorities. Indeed, there is no other purpose other than that.
Anonymous_1543918786: Serves you right, Harapan. Give them an inch, now they demand a yard. - Mkini

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