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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Now Malaysia Becomes A Threat To Israel / US. Cari Mampos Ke? Good Luck.

Mossad Chief Danny Yatom.

The US hopes that its sanctions and pressure campaign will convince Tehran to agree to additional concessions relating to its nuclear program and military activities.


The US, and not Israel, will need to take the lead on combating attempts by Iran to circumvent its sanctions via Malaysia, former Mossad chief Danny Yatom told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

  • “Israel can utilize its connections both revealed and clandestine, including the Mossad and Foreign Ministry” to help gather intelligence “to give to the Americans…

  • but an international power” like the US must take the lead in combating the phenomenon.

With a May 2 deadline looming, in which the US has announced it will not grant any waivers from its anti-Iran nuclear-program sanctions, there is increased attention on how the Islamic Republic may try to circumvent the sanctions.

The US hopes that its sanctions and pressure campaign will convince Tehran to agree to additional concessions relating to its nuclear program and military activities, though Iran has showed every sign that it will seek to undermine the sanctions.

Some of Tehran’s methods to try to circumvent US sanctions, which are enabled by China and Russia, have gotten more attention – but some smaller countries like Malaysia can also play a big factor and may become more important at this new stage.

Yatom’s point was that unlike Syria, Iraq and Iran itself – where the Mossad has publicly admitted to some massive penetrations and remained silent about other possible penetrations – Israel cannot project the same intelligence penetration in a faraway country like Malaysia the way that the US might be able to.

In contrast, many experts say that the Mossad’s penetration of nearby Middle Eastern countries exceeds the US’s abilities.

1.  Regarding the Iran-Malaysia connection, in November 2018, the British media reported that British businessman Alexander George was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for smuggling military hardware, including Russian MiG and US F4 Phantom parts to Iran via companies he owned in Malaysia.

2.  Past reports by the US government have indicated extensive relations between Iran and Malaysia’s government-owned national oil company, Petronas, to jointly explore gas fields.

3.  Last week, Haaretz reported that Western intelligence sources have said that Iran and Malaysia have woven an alliance which enables Tehran to evade economic sanctions. Oil tankers seen sailing in atypical numbers between the two countries was given as an example.

4.  Dating back to 2011, Time magazine had reported that there were 60,000 Iranians studying, working or waiting for visas in Malaysia. This volume of population exchange means it is easy for Iranian intelligence operatives to find undercover reasons for traveling between Iran and Malaysia to carry out clandestine activities.

5.  With Iran and Hamas often working together, there is also a potential Iran-Malaysia-Hamas connection.

6.  As of 2015, the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center had highlighted two instances of Hamas’ military-terrorist wing activity in Malaysia.

7.  In one instance, the indictment of Wasim Qawasmeh of Hebron led to the revelation that he was recruited by Hamas’ Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades in Malaysia, along with other Palestinians from the West Bank studying there.

8.  During the 2014 Gaza War, the interrogation of a Hamas terrorist captured by the IDF near Khan Yunis, revealed that Hamas’ military wing recruited him and sent him to Malaysia with nine other operatives to train to use hang gliders for carrying out terrorist attacks.

9.  The Meir Amit center’s 2015 report said that “the local Malaysian authorities turn a blind eye to Hamas’ activity, or even allow it, despite the denials issued by both the Malaysian government and Hamas after Israel publicized the information.”

10.  According to foreign reports, the Mossad has been active in Malaysia, including assassinating Hamas electronic engineer Fadi Muhammad al-Batsh in April 2018 in a drive-by motorcycle shooting near a mosque in Malaysia on Saturday.

Batsh had been identified as a Hamas expert both for designing drones and rockets.

My comments :

Kenapa lah kita nak gatal pungkok macam ini? 
Tak ada kerja lain ke? 

Why masuk campur in these useless Middle Eastern conflicts and conspiracies?
As though we are some kind of big super power ? 

Abang Mat is finding out that not only our air force planes cannot fly, some of our navy ships cannot even shoot their missiles.   We cannot even do anything about it.

A bunch of high-on-syabu Suluks "invaded"  Lahad Datu and it took us almost a month to chase them out. We could not  even do anything about it.  The air force had to drop bombs on them from the air just to chase them out.  

Have the Police solved the shooting murder of that Hamas Palestinian fellow in Ampang? No? No clue? Dont have any idea who did it? 

It was the Israeli Mossad. 
They can walk in here and shoot anyone. 
We cannot even do anything about it.

Now we want to get involved in helping the Iranians break the American sanctions - sanctions over the Iranian nuclear weapons progrem ?? 

Are you mad?

Do you remember this story ?

This is from 2011.  Mamak Azeeeeez  tried to be a hero and organised a Malaysian 'aid convoy' to Somalia - the most lawless country in the world where the CIA and the American military have  a very big interest.  

Macam lah kita ini negara kuasa besar - nak pi cuci buntot depa di Somalia konon.

So they got their soldiers to fire just one bullet and our Malaysian reporter lost his life. Noramfaizul Mohd Nor was killed. For what?

After that Azeeeeez and all the syiok sendiri Malaysian expedition jumped on the next airplane and ran back to Malaysia with their tail between their legs. Takut macam nak mampos.

During Abdullah Badawi's time, a Malaysian company was 'embroiled' in the nuclear parts caper. (Hello bro.)

Now we are helping Iran bust US sanctions??  Sanctions that are part of their efforts to curb nuclear weapons proliferation.    

Cari mampos lagi  ke?

And helping Syiah Iran??  
Pasai apa pula pi tolong Syiah Iran?

In Malaysia,  Syiah kena culik and most likely sudah di bunuh. 
Kes Amri Che Mat masih misteri. 
I say, apa sudah jadi IGP janji nak buat statement?  
Sudah lebih sebulan IGP diam saja.

Dalam negara kita Syiah itu jenayah. 
Sesiapa Melayu jadi Syiah boleh masuk penjara.

Tapi bila mai bab Iran, ibu negara puak syiah sedunia, kita nak pi tolong Syiah Iran tembus sekatan ekonomi Amerika pula.  Tak masuk akal lah.

Sampai nama Malaysia masuk berita utama dalam akhbar Israel Jerusalem Post !!

But Abang Mat our Defense Minister has some history with the Syiahs. Here is an old video:

Link : https://youtu.be/LbOFn-aiXjw

Abang Mat, kalau ada orang Malaysia terlibat dengan Iran untuk  tembus sekatan ekonomi Amerika tolong nasihati mereka - jangan main api.  

My question is this -   Kenapalah kita nak masuk campur dengan hal orang lain. Terutama sekali hal negara Timur Tengah - hospital sakit mental yang terbesar dalam dunia?

Kepada kekawan yang boleh memikir :  Melayu takkan hilang di dunia selagi ada Perdana Menteri mamak, Blogger mamak dan duit minyak Petronas untuk membelanya. 

As simple as that. 

Nak "membela agama" pun kena sub-contract kepada Mamak Zakir Naik.

Dalam keadaan lembik dan lembap sebegini, tolonglah jangan pi jolok sarang tebuan, jangan pi usik lubuk hantu dan jangan pi baling batu kacau anjing yang sedang tidur. 

Kalaulah Amerika dan Israel terasa terancam sikit pun, depa tak payah sembur ubat nyamuk pun. Depa kentut sekali kita boleh mati.  



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