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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

In What Way Are The Malays And Islam Insulted?

TK Chua, in a Free Malaysia Today article today, asks a number of questions. DAP opposes RUU355 and said “over my dead body” to the Islamic Hudud laws and said that those Malays from Umno and PAS who refuse to fight each other and want to unite are Taliban extremists. Do we need to go on?

TK Chua, Free Malaysia Today
No one would dare or want to insult the Malays.
I do not know who is deaf and who is not. But as a citizen of this country, I would certainly like to know the truth. I am referring to the spat between Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin and Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad on arguments over who has done more for the Malays and Muslims in this country.
I think it is pointless to argue in general terms. When there are accusations of PH leaders in government bullying the Malays and Muslims, these better be specific and definite. Otherwise, it may cause lots of provocation and discord.
In what specific ways are the Malays and Muslims being bullied in this country today? What specific privileges of the Malays have been withheld and what specific economic interests have been denied them?
In what specific ways has the Muslim faith been insulted or degraded? Who has insulted them? Was it a concerted effort by a racial or religious group or was it a random event perpetrated by some deranged individual?
When a specific insult against Islam and the Prophet happened, did the authorities take action to protect and defend the sanctity of Islam and the Prophet? If not, can we have some evidence of authorities not being assertive when coming to the defence of Islam and the Prophet?
Now I want all of us to apply the same principle on non-Muslims and non-Malays.
Did the PH government make any extra effort to promote other religions over Islam? Do non-Malays now enjoy more rights? If so, is it at the expense of the Malays?
Did the government assist the non-Malays more than the Malays? Did the non-Malays sabotage, hinder or protest the resuscitation and recovery of Malay institutions maimed due to past transgressions?
Did the authorities show leniency to non-Malays and non-Muslims when they were caught insulting Malays and Islam? If so, please give specific examples?
I believe no one would dare or want to bully, insult or belittle the Malays or Muslims. It does not make sense. If there is any yearning, I think most non-Malays would wish for a more understanding and magnanimous Malay community.

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