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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Siapa Bunuh Siapa Di Libya - Kita Nak Sokong Siapa?

offensive by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army on Tripoli stalled 
Haftar's troops encountered strong resistance from Sunni Islamist militias 
PM Fayez al-Sarraj, leader of Islamist-aligned Govt refused to negotiate
Haftar launched offensive April 4
The govt announced counteroffensive April 7

What is significance of latest turn of events in Libya?

chaotic Libya a proxy war - between two key power axes in Middle East 
outcome is of interest to Western powers – and to Israel

necessary to observe who is supporting whom in Libya

Haftar supported by Egypt, UAE
Egypt, UAE funding, arms, equipment crucial to Haftar
Haftar also supported by Saudi Arabia
Haftar is ally of Western-aligned, Arab states
common enemy is anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood 

other side, Turkey, Qatar, (Sudan) strong support Muslim Brotherhood 
Evidence of illicit arms shipments by Turkey to Tripoli
Dec 18, 2018, 3,000 Turkish handguns seized at Khoms
4 million bullets on Turkish freighter docking in Libya 
Another consignment of Turkish weapons discovered at Misrata on Jan 7.

Qatar supports Islamist militias 
Qatar supports Ali Salabi, influential Muslim Brotherhood member
and Abdel Hakim Belhaj, of Libya's al-Watan Party 
former Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

forces against Haftar representative of Sunni Islamist axis
Turkey, Qatar support for Sunni Islamist organizations
This pattern also in Syria, Palestinian territories and Iraq

Haftar also enjoying support of Russia and US
Moscow notes Haftar's fight against Sunni Islamists
Trump April 15 spoke with Haftar by phone
"recognized Haftar fighting terrorism and securing Libya's oil 

US and Russia prevented ceasefire at UN Security Council

Haftar's army not regular military force
incorporates number of militias of questionable ability

vast desert south of Libya remains lawless
arena for activities of ISIS 

al-Sisi, UAE, Saudi hoping Haftar establish control 
for broadly Western-aligned regime
US, France back this outcome too

Libya will share fate of Syria, Yemen, Iraq
fragmentation, chaos, ongoing proxy war

Libya indicates Arab world stuck in contest between generals vs Islamists
often results in victory for neither 
and destruction of the country 

My comments :  

Libya sudah hancur dan akan terus hancur.

Jadi kekawan, kita nak sokong siapa pula?

This is a proxy war between the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan Muslimin), Turkey, Qatar on one side and Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, US, Russia, France on the other side.

Syaitan lawan Iblees.  Satan versus Iblees.

I believe if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over Malaysia then the US, the West etc will declare Malaysia an "enemy state" and then they will destroy Malaysia.  

The question is will they allow the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Malaysia?

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