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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Izhar only wants to retain his director post in company, says Johor PN


Mohd Solihan Badri (left) said Mohd Izhar Ahmad, as a state executive councillor, had been in a position to make changes if Bersatu had really lost its sense of direction or was not fulifilling its set agenda as claimed.

PETALING JAYA: Larkin assemblyman Mohd Izhar Ahmad only quit Bersatu because he wished to retain his exco seat and director’s position in a state-owned company, said Johor Perikatan National (PN) information chief Mohd Solihan Badri.

“Izhar thinks PN will lose in the upcoming Johor elections. He risks losing his exco seat and position on the board of directors of a state government-owned company,” Solihan said in a statement today.

He was however confident Izhar’s action to leave Bersatu would not affect the party’s credibility or image in the state polls.

Yesterday, Izhar who was the state investment, entrepreneur development, cooperatives and human resources committee chairman, rationalised his exit from Bersatu by saying that the party had lost its direction and failed to fulfil its agenda.

He also said he had lost faith in party president Muhyiddin Yassin.

Solihan said the reasons given by the Larkin assemblyman were confusing.

“As a state government exco member, he was in a position to correct Bersatu if it had gone off course or was not meeting its agenda,” Solihan said.

“It is even more confusing as Izhar claims that his performance as an elected representative and exco member had surpassed the key performance indicators target set by Bersatu — a party he claims has lost direction and failed,” he said.

Izhar’s resignation follows that of former Johor Bersatu chief and former state executive councillor Mazlan Bujang last week. - FMT

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