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Thursday, June 23, 2022

YOURSAY | Our poverty of ideas in arresting rising cost of living


YOURSAY | ‘When prices are cut loose, it becomes a free market for exploitation.’

Govt given 24 hours: Announce cost of living plan or ministers must resign

Kilimanjaro: “Harapan will also take several actions including mass mobilisation with civil societies and any other parties who would like to stand together with us to express the rakyat’s anger,” Pakatan Harapan presidential council said in a statement (urging the government to announce a plan to address the issues of subsidies and the rising cost of living within the next 24 hours).

Harapan should make good on this promise. People are already saying that Harapan is as spineless as Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob and his cabinet.

Reeling under sky-rocketing prices, people's wrath will not be only against the government, it may also be against a spineless Harapan that failed to act as a serious opposition.

Truth be told, Harapan could have supported the government from the outside whenever the need arises, like getting the anti-hopping law through Parliament.

They shouldn't have signed the MOU (memorandum of understanding) which led to a serious trust deficit among voters. This could also act as an added pressure on the government without Harapan being "trapped" by the MOU.

Milshah: This is Harapan’s way of saying "Look, we are concerned about the rakyat".

What's the practicality of saying that the ministers must resign? If they don't, what can Harapan do? End the MOU and call for a general election?

Umno will be laughing all the way to GE15. Harapan has no choice but to continue to support this government, whether they like it or not, for fear of an early general election.

Dr Raman Letchumanan: The Harapan presidential council is lost as to what their role as the opposition is, nor do they have any ideas on how to solve the rakyat's problems.

Harapan demands that the government announces a plan to address the rising cost of living and be proactive on the issue.

If Harapan is itself proactive, then Harapan should come out with its plan and demand the government to implement it within a deadline.

Then the rakyat will know Harapan cares about them, and more importantly, the rakyat will have faith that Harapan has a better plan and strategy to rule the country.

Whatever happened to the so-called brainy whizz kids who talked so much? And what is the point of going on a nationwide campaign to ask voters to vote for you all?

Malaysiakini commentators and writers have far better ideas and solutions than this presidential council.

With the nation facing this unprecedented crisis, wouldn't it give Harapan the golden opportunity to prove their worth, and redeem the faith placed in them at the 14th general election?

So go demonstrate and get rounded up by the police like cattle, the rakyat won't be with you. The rakyat are equally unhappy with the government and Harapan. That is the biggest problem we face - a lack of leaders we can trust.

Vgeorgemy: While we enjoy high ratings for ease of trading across borders, the country still poses barriers to its goal of becoming a free and open market.

Malaysia’s import barriers aim to protect the crony system in the name of cultural and religious norms.

The archaic licensing and sanitary controls approval system of approved permits (AP) and the non-transparent halal certification process for importing meat and poultry hinder our ability to achieve sufficient food security.

The current import controls imposed to protect the crony economy have created artificial shortages in the daily necessities that caused a massive price increase. Asean countries are sitting on a surplus of essential food items, and by correct policy changes, we can minimise the price increases.

Are we ready with the rakyat-friendly importation policies to minimise the price hikes due to the geographical conflict in Europe and ‘Zero Covid’ policies in China?

MarioT: There was an announcement by the government led by Ismail Sabri that there will be some other form of aid for the B40 (bottom 40 percent) to offset the removal of the subsidies.

It has to be reaffirmed that such help in cash will be made in due time. Otherwise, you can expect a situation close to that being faced by the Sri Lankans.

The current earnings of most of our workforce and small traders are not in any way self-sustainable and the subsidies have helped cushion the impact of high prices of essential goods.

With the floating of the prices of essential food prices, it becomes a free market for exploitation with the excuse being “semua sudah naik” (everything has gone up).

Much deliberation and caution must be taken before making rash decisions and then trying to rectify the mess.

The Truth Is Out There: Actually, nothing much can be done. The lifting of the subsidies is to reduce government spending.

Any other actions to compensate or cushion the impact of this removal of subsidies will mean money has to be spent... again.

OrangeKucing5562: The ministers do not know what to do or have no idea how to tackle this cost-of-living crisis. This is because they are not qualified and experienced people and yet want to become leaders of the country.

This is Malaysia, a failing state. Singapore is doing well because there is no corruption and all ministers are highly qualified and with good and proven leadership qualities. Malaysian ministers are nowhere near them.

Tok Guru: The bloated cabinet is only going to grow bigger and cost more money. Those who voted to keep these ‘crooks’ will now start feeling the effects of their stupidity.

If this doesn’t turn the voters against them, then I don’t know what will. Anyhow, I am glad many will start to feel the pinch. Maybe, this is a wake-up call for them. - Mkini

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