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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beware the Ides of March...it will soon dawn on us.

So the worms are finally crawling out of the woodwork eh ? These post is for all the losers. Losers now because they were once promised riches but along the way someone and/or circumstances robbed them from getting their paws on fortunes promised. Losers because they would jump, squeal and sing like a canary if anyone now offered them an avenue or paid any attention. Now IF only plan A had gone on as planned.

Deepak the carpet-bugger ( here ) and PI Bala the moron ( here ) would still be clinking glasses, partying and rubbing shoulders with the ultras and elitists of UMNO. Instead now they are ready to spill the beans on the very people who feted and feasted them. And I hear these two idiots have become part of the PR entourage at ceremahs ( political road shows ) all of a sudden and Anwar and PR are certainly courting danger being seen with them. These are hardened mercenaries.....and only money drives them to do what they are doing. It's March now and soon we could witness the Ides as stabbing in the back is their favorite pastime.
Elsewhere Ridhuan "the ex-Chinese now Malay"Tee ( here ) is inciting high tension amongst Hindus like he was the chosen one in Islam. This racist simpleton "preaches" about hate. Of course that's because like me, he too has had the best teacher on that subject HATE, the great MahaFiruan Mahathir himself. And so this has got fellow bed-mate Vell Paari A/L Samy Velu all ruffled-up. Suddenly Vell Paari ( with personal baggage/scandals  firmly attached ) is seen coming out as a "new"champion of the now defunct MIC and basking in his 2 minutes of fame. Who really gives a rat's ass what the fcuking Indians think anyways huh ? Ask UMNO, ask Najib, ask the rabid Perkasa mongrels. ( here )
And for PR, not all roads lead to Putrajaya. It has to be a detour as UMNO  is surely "burning"(actually collapsed ) all bridges linking there. Now the grand father of corruption and Purtajaya"visionary" of Malaysia the MahaFiruan Mahathir will just wave off this bungling screw-up and utilise his infamous escape clause of having temporary amnesia.  Maybe a tight slap or a good"dooku" on his head will help bring back the memories. It might also jog his memory of selling our country when issuing citizenships to about half a million illegal aliens in Sabah or the reason for the "friendly invasion" of Lahat Datu ( here ) by armed men from the Philippines. Maybe these armed men want revenge for being laid off work from the San Miguel factory in the Philippines citing religious taboos related to beer handling jobs. Or is there another reason ?

We Malaysians, on any given day, are never short for comedians and as the days get closer to the GE, its gonna be a free-for-all circus ! 
Enjoy the ride fellow Malaysians and laugh while you still can.......the best is yet to come. 

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