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Friday, March 1, 2013

Lahad Datu: Anwar and PR should SHUT UP!

It's really beyond comprehension for someone who used to be with the government for almost two decades played stupid to the nature, issue and action surrounding the invasion of Sulu people in Lahad Datu Sabah.

In his latest blog posting, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim criticised the government for taking security matter so lightly:
1 MAC 2013
Saya ucapkan takziah kepada keluarga dua anggota keselamatan negara, Inspektor Zulkifli Mamat dan Sarjan Sabaruddin dari Unit 69 Komando yang terkorban dalam insiden bersenjata di Lahad Datu, Sabah hari ini.
Kerajaan Malaysia di bawah kepimpinan Dato’ Sri Najib Razak dan menteri yang bertanggungjawab menjaga urusan keselamatan dan pertahanan negara sewajarnya tampil menjelaskan kepada rakyat tentang peristiwa berdarah ini.
Mengapa sebegitu mudah sempadan negara dibolosi oleh sekumpulan warga asing bersenjata dan mengapakah kerajaan begitu berkompromi dalam menyelesaikan isu ini? Isu keselamatan negara tak sewajarnya dipandang remeh dan diambil mudah oleh pihak kerajaan. Rakyat perlu diberikan maklumat mengenai apa yang berlaku.
In what manner would Anwar Ibrahim had reacted if he is the Prime Minister or Home Minister? Just get the armed forces storm the invaders, shoot and kill each and every one of them. Was it wrong to provide them with time to surrender or leave and let diplomatic procedures take its due course as it involves good relations between two neighboring countries?

Anwar should read a comment to his blog post, from a Malaysian who really understands what national security is all about, that its not the duty of the armed forces alone:
kerajaan bknnya ambil mudah prkara ini, tetapi kerajaan perlu mengkaji dan meneliti faktor kejadian.
menjaga perairan dan pantai negara yg luas amat susah dgn hanya mengharapkan pasukan keselamatan shj. Org ramai juga perlu mmberikan kerjasama yg rapat dgn pasukan keselamatan dgn mmberikan maklumat kpd tentera dan polis jika trdapat org atau org2 yg dicurigai didlm kg atau kwsan kita....
Even a layman knows and understands the whole issue but Anwar, despite sharpening his knife on PM Najib Tun Razak, fails to underline what was supposed to be done and how would it be best to attend to such a problem. As an opposition, his duty is merely to oppose.

I guess Anwar himself regrets Najib's decision to repeal the Internal Security Act (ISA) last year because the Act had proven it worthiness in keeping the country free from any act of aggression and subversive. Perhaps, if Pakatan Rakyat wins the 13th general election, Anwar should consider ISA re-enactment.

And to my fellow-blogger Aspan Alias who wrote 'Belum pernah lagi kita alami kerajaan yang lemah seperti sekarang', he should start looking around and study the level of security around the country because if PR is fated to form the government, I believe its Cabinet will give full power to the police and armed forces to shoot and haul those who take to the streets or to illegal immigrants who arrive at our shores by boats, sampan or 'tongkang'.

Let's see what kind of a 'strong government' you people would form when it comes to security matters. Taking BN by comparison, I think Pakatan will have to impose what Marcos had during his tenancy as the president of Philippines.

Hmmm... I also wonder if Anwar simply wanted to see Malaysia and the Philipppines at diplomatic crisis had we ambushed the Sulu people three weeks ago...

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