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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ayub Khan : Two Al Madinah International University (Mediu) Students Arrested For ISIS Involvement?


4 foreigners, including two students, among 7 detained 
Islamic State (IS) links between Nov 3 and Dec 16.

picked up by Bukit Aman Counter Terrorism in Malacca, Selangor, Sabah and Johor.

3 picked up in Selangor on Nov 3.
2 of them students of Universiti Antarabangsa Al-Madinah in Shah Alam 
one investigated by foreign authority 
attempting to obtain security information of private school in city

third suspect arrested by Middle East country in 2010, involvement with Al-Qaeda
all 3 deported to home countries on Nov 22 and Nov 23

4th foreigner, 26 working as factory operator in Johor.
arrested Dec 8 for joining IS, smuggle weapons into Poso, Indonesia.
also tried to enter Myanmar illegally to launch an attack

My comments :  I did not know that therewas such a thing as the Al Madinah International University in Malaysia.  There is something strange about this university. What is this Universiti Antarabangsa Al Madinah? (Al Madinah International University) ? 

Here is more news about this university:

CEO: Al Madinah Int'l University may sue paper for false report
SHAH ALAM, Dec 19 — (Mediu) contemplating suing newspaper for defamation
claimed newspaper published report Friday 
alleging university propagating hatred for other sects in Islam
report also stated university’s recognition by (MQA) withdrawn.
report not true and malicious 
statement in Arabic, translated by Mediu Assoc Prof Dr Ab Rahim Ismail. — Bernama

- See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/ceo-al-madinah-international-university-may-sue-newspaper-for-publishing-fa#sthash.6qAFguIr.dpuf

Statement in Arabic? Tak reti cakap Melayu ke? 

A few days ago it was reported in a Malay paper that this university teaches students to hate other sects. That is what this news above is about.

I also found this blog:

This blog report, from 2013, says that the Mediu teaches extremism.

(Ayub Khan, hang korek hidung ke bro? What is going on man?) 

This university boasts that it is the first fully ONLINE Islamic university in the world. They are targetting student enrolment in Sulawesi,  Jogjakarta and elsewhere.

So why did two ISIS terrorists choose NOT to enrol ONLINE but travelled to Shah Alam, Malaysia and became on-campus students ?

By the way "the university campus" occupies just one floor (Tingkat 11) of the Masalam building in Shah Alam, where Teoh Beng Hock died.  A  "university occupying just one floor".

The answer is very simple. The two ISIS terrorists wanted to enrol as on-campus students at this university to get student visas. They wanted to come to Malaysia.

Now here is the next question : why did the two ISIS terrorists choose this particular university? Why not UIA, USIM, KUSIM, etc? Why Al Madinah International University? What is the connection?

Here is a video :  

Here is the link :   https://youtu.be/BSqJdAuFBaU

This is a Malaysian university. Why arent these people even speaking Malay? 

The first two Arab guys look like hardcore Salafis aka Wahabis.   For certain this is a Salafi influenced  "university occupying just one floor".
Then they are accredited by the MQA.  

MQA means Malaysian Quacks Association (not related to the Queks ok).

(The Malaysian Quacks Association will soon be accrediting Zakir Naik's School of International Jihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad on three islands in Terengganu. Just wait and see.) 

So they are ONLINE, they are accredited by MQA, they can award degrees and they are recruiting many Indonesian students.

In Indonesia, it is possibly a big thing to get a degree from a Malaysian university accredited by the MQA without having to travel to Malaysia. 

So the university collects money and  issues pieces of paper with 'degree' stamped on them.  

Ayub Khan,   this is one elephant that has completely gone past you.  Buck up Dato.  

Kalau tak betul, shut them down. 
Itu Pak Arab semua, kalau depa mai buat kacau, hantar depa balik. 

The country is "going to the dogs".  Some Mat Sallehs might say "going to hell in a handbasket".   

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