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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Terrorist University In Shah Alam, Orang Melayu Tidoq Lagi !

There is something strange going on in Shah Alam.  

First to digress a little, today I had lunch in Shah Alam at a beriyani restaurant run by some pakka Pakistanis. Pakka means original or 'ori'.  The briyani was good. What is quite unbelievable is the price - less than RM6 for a basmati briyani with a piece of chicken and one beef kebab, plus raita and a syrup drink. It is unbelievably cheap. Plus the briyani is original briyani - none of the briyani gum, briyani bokhara etc that is often nothing but coloured rice with a piece of fried chicken sitting on top.

What was strange about the restaurant was the fellows owning and running it. They all looked liked some jihadi group.   There were about six young Malay boys working there, the whole lot of whom wore white skull caps, taliban style "somewhere below knees, above ankles"  pyjamas and beards of varying lengths.  The boss guy, a Pakistani,  had a huge jihadi beard (with no moustache).

Then back at the office someone sent me this  from The Malay Mail:

This is about that  Universiti Antarabangsa Al Madinah (or Mediu) in Shah Alam again. 

An UMNO Veterans Association is saying that this is a terrorist university and an ISIS breeding ground. Here is the Malay Mail:

KL Dec 21 ― govt and authorities must shutter (Mediu) immediately
Umno Veterans Association of Malaysia demanded tonight
sec-gen Datuk Mustapha Yaakub claimed institution breeding militants 
Umno veterans claim Shah Alam varsity breeding terrorists, calls for closure

Wed Dec 21, 2016

Varsity’s fate uncertain after students nabbed for suspected terrorism

Veterans do not want Mediu, breeding ground for ISIS and Wahabbism 

shock that two students from university arrested for IS terror activity

IS also called Daesh, Wahabbism is ultra conservative strain 

spread by Saudi government globally
Mustapha says Wahhabism against mainstream Sunni  

called for it to be curbed.

camouflage clandestine activities under similar name as Islamic University of al-Madinah al-Munawarah in Medina 

"..arrests prove Mediu nest of dangerous IS agents,” he said.
Mustapha doubts Mediu's accreditation status 

urged (MOHE) to investigate its status 
Veterans urge MOHE, MAIS, Sultan to take stern action against Mediu
including revoking licence, shutting operation in this country,” he said.

insisted govt’s counter-IS actions meaningless if Wahabbism allowed to spread

Do not let what happened in Syria, Yemen and Iraq happen in this country. 
Act now before it’s too late. 
Malaysia cannot afford destruction that happened in those countries.

“Remember not everyone is Muslim. If it happens, Malays will be destroyed,” 

- See more at: Malay Mail

My comments :  Nak kata apa lagi? This university has been functioning for some time in Shah Alam.  It is most certainly, a 100% Salafist or Wahhabi institution. Ramai orang Melayu tak faham banyak perkara. Asal arab, jambang dan kepala tutup orang Melayu boleh teruja. 

Well fortunately not all. Datuk Mustapha Yaakob and the UMNO Veterans Association seems to be waking up.  

Mustapha wants the MOHE (Ministry of Higher Education) and the religious folks like MAIS to take action. The MOHE Minister is Idris Jusoh. Idris only concern is if the turtles will crawl up the beach this year in Terengganu and vote for him.  The rest of Malaysia is like a foreign country for this very "local"  type guy.  

You cannot depend on the MAIS for anything much. Dua kali lima. 

So now we find out that ISIS has at their disposal a whole university in Malaysia where they can send their terrorists to become students. 

The university's name Al Madinah International University  sounds very similar to the Islamic University of Al Madinah in Saudi Arabia - which is the defacto Vatican of the Wahhabi ideology.

Mustapha Yaakub says that this university is just a camouflage.  

camouflage clandestine activities under similar name as Islamic University of al-Madinah al-Munawarah in Medina 

Conclusion : It all depends on how stupid the  people are willing to become. Ini kerja bodoh oleh orang yang kurang inteligen, kurang arif dan kurang peka. Ataupun bodoh. Terpulanglah. Siapa nak jadi bodoh, silakan.  

Apa yang berlaku di sini tiada kena mengena dengan Islam, dengan Allah swt atau dengan Rasul. 

Apa yang berlaku ini  hanya melambangkan kebodohan orang, kebodohan satu kaum. Tahniah kepada kaum bodoh.

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