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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Co-op firm accused of fraud in taxi deal

Big Blue Taxi urges SPAD and the Malaysian Cooperatives Commission to take action.
KUALA LUMUR: A taxi firm has accused a cooperative company of fraud and urged the Land Transport Commission (SPAD) and the Malaysian Cooperatives Commission (SKM) to take action against it.
Big Blue Taxi Capital Sdn Bhd adviser Shamsubahrin Ismail is claiming that his company was cheated in the purchase of three taxis through the cooperative company.
“We purchased the three taxis through the company in 2012 and have been servicing the loan for the last four years,” he told FMT yesterday.
“We’ve been asking for the hire-purchase agreements and we are always told that they would be given soon. We have sent numerous letters to the company, but we have yet to receive the documents.”
Shamsubahrin said the company approached him last month and asked him to take over its business.
“I was told the company didn’t have the funds to sustain its business and was closing down.”
According to Shamsubahrin, the cooperative company takes loans from SKM for the purchase of taxis, which it would then sell to taxi operators.
“When I inquired about the loans we had paid for the three taxis, I was told the company had not paid SKM,” he said.
He said SKM had the ownership claim on taxis purchased through the company.
“We want this matter of the hire-purchase agreement settled because we don’t want SKM to repossess the vehicles,” he said.
Shamsubahrin said his company had lodged a report with the police and written to SKM to ask for an explanation on the status of the three taxis. -FMT

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